Christmas Greetings

Yep, its that time of year when the fat oke in the red suit pops down the chimney and leaves you a lump of coal if you have been a bad boy/girl. 
This year I wont be spending it with family like I usually do, I will probably be popping down to the pub for a quick scoff and then returning home for a days vegging. Its kinda difficult to decide though because a lot of it does come down to the weather. Snow? who knows. If you want to know what the weather was like today check back tomorrow. 
I have to admit that they do things differently here (as they do in the USA), and the people at work have been going barmy over this period; draping thistle, scoffing mince pies and going crazy like there is no tomorrow. Maybe thats a good thing? I don’t know.
I paid a visit to Salisbury Cathedral today, and saw the attendant Nativity Scene and it reminded me of the days when we did the Christmas play at Sunday School. I blogged about it awhile ago, and it still sends shivers down my spine. 

So, with shivers down my spine I shall use this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas,  do not overdo the food (I know it is difficult), and don’t drink and drive because you will spill it.

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