Christmas Greetings 2017

And once again Christmas has snuck up, wacked us on the head, emptied our wallet and left us all asking “where did the year go to?” Personally I have no idea, I suspect the year it was faulty and should have been returned for a refund as an out of box failure! 

But, all I can really do at this point and time is wish everybody a Happy Christmas and to make the most of this special day. May love light and laughter be with you as you celebrate over this period. Do not drink and drive, and do not become a statistic. 

And, special thanks to those who man the fire stations, emergency services, lifeboats, police stations, hospitals, and who may find themselves in the military. Thank you for giving up yours for us.  

As Muffin would say “Is it over with? I am so tired I only slept 27 hours last night”

© DRW 2017-2018. 

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