Christmas Gravehunting

Yes it is true, I will even go gravehunting on Christmas.
Early on Christmas day I packed my goodies and headed off to Monk Sherborne, to photograph two more CWGC graves at the All Saints Church.  It was not too far away, in fact I was not too far from Sherborne St John which I had visited on the 13th of December. 
My route had taken me on a bit of a detour as I was not able to use the shorter route I had researched before, but it is pretty country around here, so the view was of rolling English countryside and pretty houses. 
The Church is an old one, dating somewhere between the 10th and 14th century, and is built of flint with a clay tile roof. The churchyard is not a very big one and does not have as many graves as I would have expected. However, these things are deceptive because while there may be no headstones does not mean that there are no graves, or how many are on top of each other. 
My CWGC graves were easy to find, and once I had photographed them I wandered around the grounds. 
The one grave is particularly sad, as the soldier died on 26 November 1918, 15 days after the Armistice. It may be that he was a Spanish Flu victim, or died of wounds. However, the thought of going through that terrible war only to die shortly after it ends is especially sad.
Unfortunately the church does not have a lytchgate, but there is a beautiful wooden entranceway to the church which I suspect is very old. Its a really beautifully made wooden structure, but there was no indication as to its age.  Behind the church and on one side are some fenced graves, and I believe there is a very nice wooden effigy of a knight inside the church. Unfortunately though, I could not get into the church to verify if this is true. 
This side of the church is easier to photograph because the sun was behind me.
I had completed my circuit of the grounds and theoretically was ready to head off home. 
There were a few graves I wanted to capture first and quickly did those before I started on my long walk home and my Christmas lunch.
On my way to the church I had passed the village War Memorial, and wanted to get some pics of it, although the sun was behind the memorial, making it very difficult to photograph the inscription. 
I took the right hand road to get back to where I wanted to be, and that was a nice walk, punctuated only by the occasional car and grouse catching fright at my passing.
I was finished with the Sherborne St John and the Monk Sherborne graves; 4 more have been photographed, and who knows where my next meandering would take me. In the meantime though I headed back to Sherborne St John to see about getting into the church, which means please follow the link to see my comments at the end of the Sherborne St John blogpost.
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