Cheltenham War Memorials

This post covers some of the war memorials that I have spotted in Cheltenham since 2015. It is an amalgamation of the old posts from my other blog.

Cheltenham War Memorial

The main war memorial in Cheltenham is situated Cheltenham’s War Memorial is located outside the Municipal Offices on the Promenade, with the Long Gardens on either side. It was not an easy one to photograph either, as it is partly in shade and partly in sunlight.

It was unveiled by Maj-Genl Sir Robert Fanshaw K.C.B, D.S.O, on the 1st of October 1921

Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51°53’56.69″N,   2° 4’39.35″W

The memorial also has plaques dedicated to those who lost their lives in South Arabia 1839-1967, as well as to Polish men and women who lost their lives in the Second World War.

There are also two plaques dedicated to casualties from the Falklands Conflict and the war in Afghanistan.

There were a few other additions that were added between when I first photographed the memorial which I picked up on later trips. There is one VC related plaques and 2 pavings stones that I am aware of at the memorial


Anketell Read VC and Arthur Kilby VC are also commemorated on the war memorial.

Cheltenham Anglo Boer War Memorial

Again one of those “almost fell over it” occurrences while rushing for a bus in Cheltenham. Situated close to the Cheltenham War Memorial in the grounds of the Municipal office in Cheltenham, it is one of three memorials in this space.

The memorial was unveiled by Lt-Genl Sir Ian Hamilton KCB on 17 July 1907. Google Earth co-ordinates are:  51°53’58.48″N,   2° 4’37.19″W.

Cheltenham Crimean War Memorial

The Crimean War Memorial in Cheltenham may be found on a small island outside the Queen’s Hotel on the Promenade, Cheltenham,  (Google Earth  51.896628°,  -2.079972°).

It commemorates men from Cheltenham who lost their lives during the Crimean War and is a grade II listed structure and was restored in 2008. There is a dedication on either side of the base.

The Memorial originally consisted of a pair of guns taken from Sebastapol and they were erected, each on it’s own base, on 5th July 1858. However during  the Second World War the guns and one base were turned in and melted down for munitions.

I also documented the War Memorial at the former St Peter’s Church on the south side of the Tewkesbury Road. 

Cheltenham College ABW Memorial

The Anglo Boer War Memorial outside Cheltenham College, commemorates the college members who lost their lives in that conflict. I believe that there is a further Memorial inside the chapel close by but am not able to access to it. 

Behind the memorial is the college building which is really magnificent. However, trying for a decent image was almost impossible due to traffic, the size of the building, large trees and sun position.

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