The Magnificent Seven: London

London has seven Victorian Garden Cemeteries (Highgate, Abney Park, Nunhead, Tower Hamlets, Brompton, Kensal Green and West Norwood), these are known as “the Magnificent Seven”. When I arrived in London in 2013 I was determined to see as many of these as I could, although Highgate was the first priority. During my visit to Highgate East I bought a very handy book called “London’s Cemeteries” by Darren Beach, published by Metro publications; and it became part of my photography gear while I was in London. It’s a very useful book, and in my case, a very well thumbed one too.

And of course a look at the 7 Garden Cemeteries in London. By the time I left London in March 2013 I was still missing 2 of the 7 (Tower Hamlets and West Norwood), but am including them in this feature too.

Highgate East

Highgate West


Brompton (1st 2013)

Brompton (2nd 2013)

Kensal Green (2013)
Kensal Green (2nd Visit 2016)
Kensal Green ( 2016)

Abney Park

Tower Hamlets

West Norwood

The blogposts that I made for each visit are on this blog and each image below links to the relevant blogpost. I have been to all of these seven cemeteries that make up this glorious memorial to the dead, and each is very different, although there are similarities between them. Irrespective though, they are amazing places to visit, and as for a  favourite?  I expect Highgate, and definitely West Norwood, although Kensal Green and Nunhead were amazing. As magnificent as these cemeteries are, they are not the only ones that shine out, I have been fortunate enough to visit Arnos Vale in Bristol, as well as Southampton Old Cemetery which are garden cemeteries in their own right.

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