I’ve visited quite a few Churches and Cathedrals while I have been in the UK and here is a glimpse of the some of them that I have visited. It is worth remembering though that none of my images can ever do justice to these beautiful buildings, or ever come close to creating any sort of idea about what they are like in real life. They are best experienced up close and in person. The effect that a building like these had on the working class population must have been beyond comprehension; they loom large over a town and the atmosphere within must have really made the congregation feel that they were in the house of God. The ritual of the service and those who presided over it would have made things even more impressive. I know that each time I visit a new one I feel very small, and often am in awe of what I see. What was it like in the 1600’s? bearing in mind that some of these buildings had been standing long before then.  ​


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