Bye Bye Boudicca

The culling of older, redundant cruise ships continues and yesterday it was announced that the veteran cruise ship Boudicca was beached at Aliaga. Ship watchers will know that Boudicca and her sister Black Watch were both disposed of by Fred Olsen cruises towards the end of 2020, at the same time Albatros was also sold, and all three were supposedly  sold for further use as “floating hotels”/”accommodation ships”. That was a pipe dream.  

The cruise ship Boudicca inbound on the Elbe river near Cuxhaven. 01 July 2018. (Image has been resized)

Unfortunately I was never able to see her or her sister in their dark blue livery and the image above is credited to Tvabutzku1234, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons and sourced from

Image of Royal Viking Sky by Roger Perry

Boudicca was built in 1973 by Wärtsilä Helsinki Shipyard, Finland as Royal Viking Sky for Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskap, Trondheim, which placed the ship in Royal Viking Line service.  She was one of three identical sisters that were in service with Royal Viking Line (Royal Viking Star, Royal Viking Sea, and Royal Viking Sky). All 3 served with Royal Viking Line even after it had been purchased by Kloster Cruises in 1984.  In 1991 she was to Norwegian Cruise Line Sunward.  She served under a number of owners and names since then:

  • 1973–1991: Royal Viking Sky
  • 1991–1992: Sunward
  • 1992–1992: Birka Queen
  • 1992–1993: Sunward
  • 1993–1997: Golden Princess
  • 1997–1998: SuperStar Capricorn
  • 1998–2001: Hyundai Keumgang
  • 2001–2004: SuperStar Capricorn
  • 2004–2005: Grand Latino
  • 2005–2021: Boudicca

Sadly, she has become the first of the three sisters to go to the breakers. At their time they were amongst the top ships of their day and used to call in South Africa quite regularly.  Their service with Fred Olsen made them accessible to the general cruise enthusiast and both sisters were firm favourites with regular passengers.

The last time I saw Boudicca and Black Watch was in 2013 while they were still with white hulls,  but the light grey and latter dark blue hulls lent them a certain stateliness. In a world of floating blocks of flats they really stood out and it will not be long before she is joined at the breakers by her sisters.  

Update July 2021

At the end of July 2021 she was joined at the breakers by her sister Albatros.  She was originally built as Royal Viking Sea, and has also sailed under the names Royal Odyssey, Norwegian Star, and Crown. She sailed as Albatros for Phoenix Reisen from 2004 till 2020 until sold to  Pick Albatros Group in the Middle East, who subsequently sold her off to the breakers. She was the only one of then 3 sisters that I have seen in her original livery but I never got to see her sailing as Albatros. The fate of the 3rd sister has not been announced yet.

Royal Viking Sea. Durban 1986

Bye Bye Boudicca and Albatros, you will be missed.

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