Bye-Bye 2012

On this last day of 2012 I can only really look back on a year that was not too great. It was a year that I should have sent back under warranty as being faulty! 
For me there are 3 major events that happened that really were turning points. The first was having to deal with my mother who was suffering from sciatica. There was a point where I did not know what to do for her because of useless doctors and a lack of funds. Fortunately it ran its course and she is mobile again and I am just hoping that it does not re-occur. But, at her advanced age of 84 things are very difficult, but she is strong and may outlive us all.
The second was the rapid deterioration in my brother’s heart complaint, exacerbated by a doctor that did not do his groundwork. By October my brother was in trouble and only swift action ensured that he was taken care of. One op later and he has a new lease on life and a heart valve that may outlast me. It is now 2 months since the op and he is doing very well.
The third event was the granting of my UK ancestral visa, and on 28 February 2013 I am heading to the UK  where I will hopefully be starting a new life. Its a very difficult thing to do at my age, so I will need all the luck I can get. In the next 2 months I have to dispose of most of my stuff and rationalise the balance and put it in storage until I am settled, so if this blog looks kind of empty in the next few moths you will know why.
Politically I think this year was a turning point in this countries history, things can either get worse, or better, and the next election in 2014 will be an interesting one, and one that will shape the destiny of South Africa. 
In closing off for the year I would like to wish everybody a peaceful and prosperous 2013, may love, light and laughter be with you in the period to come.

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