January has been a pretty uneventful month so far (touch wood), and apart from the wet and overcast skies there has been nothing to photograph. However, we are now heading downhill towards Spring and while anything can happen between then and now I am hoping that the rain decides to stay away for awhile or at least until the river levels have fallen. Down the road from me the all important harbinger of Spring is emerging from the ground. The Snowdrops are waking up, reminding us that the seasons change and that nature is keeping an eye open on us.

Unfortunately there do not seem to be too many snowdrop patches close to me, and the small patch that I watch out for is in a garden close by. I do know of a larger patch on the other side of town and when I head in that direction again I shall take my camera with.

Today is really the sort of day that I like. I am not a Summer person, I prefer the starkness and cold of Winter and when I go outside and see the frost I just feel so much better. There is something satisfying about the crunch of frost laden grass underfoot. 

Make no mistake though; I do not enjoy the frozen fingers and nose, especially when I am taking photographs. Here are some pics from this morning. The standing water is a result of yet another rise in river levels.

The little footbridge in the image below has spent a lot of this past season under water, and at the moment it is just re-emerging. Unfortunately that area is a morass of mud and turgid water so I won’t even consider venturing out there.

And the football field is really only fit for submarine races, water polo or kayaking.

(1500 x 617)

Winter is on the way out, but it is not too late for snow.  In March of 2018 we were snowed under, and while I love the snow I am always wary of the effects that it can have on simple things.  I will however just enjoy the weekend’s weather as it lifts my spirits slightly because I really need them lifted.

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