Bank Holidays.

This morning I needed to go to the bank. But when I got there I discovered it was a “bank holiday”.  Now why do banks have holidays in the first place? I know in South Africa a bank never goes on holiday, in fact it uses your money to pay for a holiday it never takes. 
This little excursion by my local bank is a serious problem, because I need to go to Salisbury tomorrow and don’t have the train fare. In fact I barely had enough to buy a loaf of bread, after all you do need bread to buy bread. Neither could I print out the application form because my handy Mailboxes Only was closed too. Now this interview is relatively important, because according to the website it is only available in July, which is great because this is August and I am applying for a job that starts 11 months from now,  “get in there early, avoid the Christmas rush” should be the case with this job. That is assuming I survive the next few months. 
Meanwhile, back to the bank and their holidays, all the atms are behind locked doors. I could draw money from my local atm belonging to the bank of Upper-Thebes-by-the-Sea, but they would charge my as much as a South African bank does in service charges, and given the precarious state of my finances I could end up having to pay using a spare kidney. I could also go loan money from “Honest Albert” of the unseasonably big raincoat, but that could cost my other kidney plus an arm and leg. I do not want to stoop that low.  
Hopefully tomorrow the bank will be back from its hols by the seaside, and will be able to provide me with the required sterling so that I can head off to Salisbury. Of course once I get to Salisbury and am finished with the interview I can head back home and see about working my arm off loading luggage again to make up for the train trip (which really works out at 2 hours of hard labour). Sigh. I would go graving but have a ship arrival planned and I don’t want to miss that. Do ships have bank holidays? no, but they do keep un-Godly hours and arrive or leave when the early bird has just gotten back from a hard days beak bashing after worms and crumbs.  Of course the one bank they do steer clear of are sandbanks, and often are not very successful at that either. I just hope this one is on time, I have been chasing her for quite some time.
Seeing as the bank is on holiday I may as well do the park off and do even less thing, after all I did not bank on having to do much today except prepare for tomorrow.

A postscript.
It seems as if my well earned dosh wasn’t altogether wasted as I was made an offer and will be heading off to Salisbury in the very near future, 


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