Autumn has arrived

Last night our clocks were turned back, theoretically allowing us to sleep longer, although I was awake at some ungodly hour anyway! The sun has also made a guest appearance after a week of lousy weather. The trees are also starting to shed their leaves in abundance and the wind is assisting to denude them at a rapid rate. I grabbed my velocipede and headed out into the weather to grab some pics. 

These high trees are rapidly changing colour and shedding leaves all over the parking lot.  One really strong prolonged gust and they will be bare. We don’t really need leaf blowers here as the winter winds usually suffice. 

This cycle of rebirth has been going on for centuries, and I am sure some of the trees around the area were here when we still had a working railway running on what is now the cycle path. 

The raised area behind this lonely tree is the former railway embankment where the trains used to run from Ashchurch station to town and also to Upton-on-Severn. I did a post about this former railway and it’s remnants a few years back.  I use the cycle path to get to work every day and on one of the branch roads this beauty was displaying it’s colours. 

And of course there is this spectacular bush/tree/hedge. You have to be very aware of time when you photograph this one because it can loose all of  its leaves overnight. I recall a few seasons back going past it and it had just started to change colour. When I went back after the weekend all leaves had dropped and I could not get decent pics. I was shocked!

Exiting the cycle path this pair on the corner are also loosing their leaves. I look forward to seeing them in Spring again because when they flower they are magnificent. 

Unfortunately with them being on a corner the going gets tricky when you hit those fallen leaves or blossoms. Somewhere amongst my pics I have photographs of them in bloom, and they look bloomin’ fantastic!

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

At this point I turned around and headed to town to kill some time till the shops opened. I did not have anything in mind to look at, but did pause at the war memorial.  Remembrance Day is not too far off and I don’t think there will be much of a service this year, although you can bet people will still head down there to pay their respects.  Throughout this year the memorial has been surrounded by poppy wreaths and kudos to those who ensure that it remains like that.

However, back to Autumn; all that was left was to wend my way home, pausing to admire some of these.

Winter is going to be long, exacerbated by the covid, POTUS, weather and Brexit, not to mention the insecurity of my job. Truly this year has been abominable! I want my money back! 2020 was faulty!

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