Anglo Boer War Monument in Johannesburg

This impressive monument in the grounds of the Museum of Military History in Saxonwold, Johannesburg was formerly known as the “Rand Regiments Memorial” and it was originally erected in memory of the soldiers who served and died with the Rand Regiments in the 1899-1902 Anglo Boer War.
It was designed by the British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and a commemorative stone was laid by the Duke of Connaught (Prince Arthur) on 30 November 1910. The memorial features an ornate figure of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory atop the dome and the pillars inside list the Rand Regiments and soldiers from these regiments who were lost during the conflict.
In 2002, the memorial was re-dedicated; recognising  all of the Men, Women and Children of all races and nations that lost their lives in the Anglo Boer War.
The statue faces west and is the creation of Naoum Aronson, who was commissioned by Sir Hugh Lane, following consultation with Lutyens and Lionel Phillips. who was a key figure in the implementation of the project. The memorial was finally completed by 1913. The statue was placed above the Memorial in April 1914, and is often referred to as the “Angel of Peace”.
The columns contain the names of members of Bethune’s Mounted Infantry, the Commander In Chief’s Bodyguard, Johannesburg Mounted Rifles, Thorneycroft’s Mounted Infantry, the South African Light Horse, Imperial Light Horse, Railway Pioneer Regiment, Imperial Light Infantry and Rand Rifles who lost their lives in that conflict.

(1498 x 600)

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