And then the rains came…

Its already the 4th of January and I am damp. This is partly my own fault because I went walkies this morning. First to get my shopping done, and then to go check out the flood plain up the road from where I live. It has been raining on and off since New Years and there is a danger of floods. 
As per my grubby (since replaced) graphic, 5 rivers converge on Salisbury, The Till, Nadder, Wylye,  Avon and Bourne. They all then head south and come out in the harbour at Christchurch. (don’t you love the name “Pewsey”?). 
The Southampton Road passes Churchill Park and the park itself is bounded on one side by the flood plain. Usually this is a benign place of slow moving water and more reed than water. Waterbirds live there, and there seems to be a fishery there too. 
This all changed from mid week as storms lashed the coast and rain battered left right and centre. Yesterday I walked past the flood plain and it was looking more like a lake than a plain. I decided to head down there today and see what I could see. Sadly, the sun was absent or my pics would have been much better. Once things have returned to normal I will also try get some “after” images.


A few weeks back I walked past this spot and the water level of the river was about 1.5 metres lower than it is now. Parts of the park are flooded and the parking lot is like a marina.



The river is running much stronger than before, and a heap of strange white birds are skinny dipping in the football area.
Grey is the all encompassing colour here, and wet is the texture. I don’t know whether things will improve though, or whether they will get worse. My celery weather app forecasts rain till next week Wednesday, but hopefully I will not be drifting downstream in my wheelie bag. Still, there is a danger here, I do live about a kilometre from this area, and who knows what might happen. Although I am probably in more danger of drowning in a pothole  this moment in time.  So, the rain is nice and warm, I may take one of my sou’westers off. Watch this space! 

I returned to the park on the next day, and there was a definite increase in water levels. The bridge over the River Avon has a walkway under it that was passable yesterday, and flooded today.

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