And so it starts.

Somewhere out there, on a server in South Africa lives my website. (or what is left of it) 

It has existed in some form or another since I put up my first attempts in 1997 and has survived numerous changes, additions, deletions and changes of mind. It has served me well and I have used it as a repository for much of my writing, research and thoughts. Unfortunately though, I have found that it has pretty much reached the point where I no longer need it or use it as much as I used to. Experimenting with the blog platform has convinced me that this could be the way to go from here. 

I have toyed with shutting it down for awhile, especially since I moved to the UK, much of the content on it can be adjusted to the blog platform, and some stuff like galleries etc can just be made redundant. 
I intend moving stuff from now on to here, in an effort to see what can be accomplished. In order to avoid duplication I will probably delete much of the content on the website as I go along, some stuff will not be making the transition, while some material will be adapted to the change. 
Watch this space! (whatever it is called).

An update from April 2016.

Its odd reading this so many years after the fact. I completed migrating the website to wordpress, and was busy adding to Musings when the news of the Picasa shutdown happened and all plans went belly up. Instead I am now migrating Musings to my domain and the many additions that I added have been deleted. It all goes to show.

Next year? who knows,  may be doing something else altogether. 

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