Almost a year

Wow. This time a year ago I was probably approaching Dubai.

This is all I saw of Dubai.

This is all I saw of Dubai.

I then spent nearly 4 hours trying to get my watch to change timezones

It is true, I have been here in the UK just under a year, having arrived at Heathrow on the 1st of March 2013. (at the time of updating the date on this post I have been here 4 years and 10 months).

I distinctly remember sitting on the tube from the airport travelling along an unfamiliar stretch of countryside,  surrounded by people engrossed in cellphones, newspapers or mp3’s. Many probably traveled along here on a regular basis while this was my first time.  I was tired, disorientated, and somewhat depressed, having embarked on a major change in my life literally overnight,
Eventually arriving at The Oval station on the Northern Line, I still had to get to my accommodation in Kennington, and dragged my familiar green suitcase along the pavements for about a kilo until I got there. I probably slept the sleep of the just that night, or maybe I was just very tired? 
There was a lot I still had to do, minor things like organising a bank account, and getting registered with a GP, getting a National Insurance Number, and buying a sim card for my phone, plus a host of other odds and ends that I had to deal with.
I spent 5 weeks in London, and they were very busy ones, but with a lot of sightseeing thrown in. One thing was certain though, I was not going to find a casual job here, there was just too much competition. I had originally considered going to Southampton when I was planning this trip, but had decided to stick with London initially and decide once I was there. With my lease expiring I decided to head south to that harbour city, and see what would happen from there. The results of that excursion are plastered in this blog between May and November 2013. 
I am starting year 2 tomorrow, and I hope it only gets better from here. Maybe on 28 Feb 2015 I will be looking back on this post? who knows. (now looking back from 29/12/2017)
So, watch this space for further adventures, I think there are more coming, if only I can get a few other projects completed and the weather would improve.
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