A Year on the Streets.

Round about this time last year I was ready to walk from my job.  People who have been keeping tabs will know that by mid May 2011 we had read the writing on the wall and had been packing our goodies just waiting for the axe to fall. On the 31st we got our “go away” letters as well as our months notice and all that goes with it.  Immediately prior to these letters we all received an email about the forthcoming “Carnival Day”;  kind of ironic when you consider one of the reasons for the closure of our factory was “financial”.  Some staff members were destined to head off for employment within the company, others to the outsourcing company, and the rest of us were destined for the street. I was one of the new street occupiers. 
What has happened since then? I am still sans employment, and do the odd job here and there. I have applied for quite a few jobs in my line, and as usual, for every 10 CV’s you send out you may be fortunate enough to get a “no!” for at least one. I even had an interview with an agent, but I knew when I went there already that it was  a waste of petrol. 
My new “career” in refrigeration? that never happened either. The course was a waste of money. All I really learnt there was how a fridge works, and nothing about what to do when it doesn’t. It is an interesting field though, but experience is the buzzword.   
The downscaling of my possessions continues, there are only 12 Twinns left, large portions of my train are gone, and my Titanic collection is no more. I have disposed of many books and DVD’s and am still busy working towards a point where I am able to downscale flatwise. Sadly though, accommodation is expensive, so I am staying where I am for now, I cannot save much by moving because the costs of moving will be negated by the costs to move.
The people who moved to the outsourcing company were themselves retrenched, most of those who were in such a rush to shut us down, and who did not listen to us when we pointed out the path we were on are also gone. What was it in aid of? who actually knows.
How much longer can I survive? possibly till December. After that? 
There may only really be this blog left to read.
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