61 Mech AGM

I attended the 61 Mech Veterans Association AGM on Saturday 20th of August. Once again it was a mixture of memories, faces, places and things from 30 years ago. Interestingly enough, our old Bravo coy was well represented, with the 1IB and 4 Pel Bevs, not to mention at least 4 “other ranks”.
I like the sense of occasion the military can put on, with it solemn Remembrance ceremonies, and ageing ex soldiers, but I cannot but help feel more drawn to those in France for the WW1 casualties. Sadly,  in 50 years time when we are all gone, nobody will remember us, but those who lay in foreign fields will live forever.

On the same day I managed to get pics of the SAHA Memorial at the Zoo, the second of the 6 SAHA Memorials that exist in SA. This one is intact, and the plaque is legible. A wonderful find to add to the collection.  Logistically one more is not impossible to photograph, assuming I make the trip to Pretoria, and everybody knows how much I love Pretoria! (especially the cemeteries).  


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