Month: December 2015

Looking back on 2015

2015 was a very unsettled year, I moved house 4 times, lived in 3 cities and found full time work once again. It was also a year of heritage rail, graveyards, bridges and new discoveries. These are some of the highlights.

Two highlights stick out in January. The first was my visit to West Norwood Cemetery in London.

And of course my visit to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge with its collection of heritage aircraft, cars and buses.


The highlight of that month was the snow that fell on two separate days and I was finally able to photograph a cemetery in the snow

In March I moved up to Staffordshire and a whole new world opened up as a result. There were a lot of highlights in that month, and the one that stuck out the most was the visit we made to the aircraft collection at RAF Cosford.


I was also fortunate enough to see Lichfield Cathedral as well as travel on a heritage train run by Chasewater Railway.


Early that month we visited the National Tramway Museum at Crich which was really amazing.

I was also able to walk around the National Memorial Arboretum which was quite an experience.


My birthday month, I visited Ryecroft Cemetery in Walsall in that month and ended up making two visits to find the many war graves in it.  It was a very interesting place.


In June I moved down to Tewkesbury to start a new job. I was also able to take in the very beautiful Tewkesbury Abbey

I spent a considerable amount of time messing around in Cheltenham, especially in Prestbury Cemetery which was a really beautiful place.


During that month I was able to travel with the Gloucester Wawickshire Railway (GWR)

This was the first of two trips that I did with the railway.
Of course one other highlight from that month was the visit that we made to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

In September I visited yet another famous bridge, this time it was the Mythe Bridge in Tewkesbury


I returned to Bristol in October and it was the Heritage Day Weekend, and naturally there were ships. 


Every November I remember those who paid the price in wars, and last November was no different.


In December I moved house again so did not have too much time to do very much, however I did do a retrospective look at Drydocks

And that was my year. And a very interesting one it was too, although at times I did find it very stressful. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Unfortunately I did not watch the statistics too well this year, but at the time of doing this post  (01/02/2016) things looked like this:

Thank you to all of those who contributed to the 110 374 pageviews. Lets try for 200 000 by this time next year!

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A potted history of potholes

Once there was a pothole….

And as potholes go it was not an overly large one, however it seemingly had a voracious appetite for carts, horses, small children and complete ox-wagons and their oxen, drivers and passengers. (Yes, this was many years ago)
And so the fledgling municipal authorities decided to fill in the pothole, and to do that they needed soil and filling. A work team was sent forward to harvest enough soil and filling to do the job with.
However, the work team was lazy (as work teams often are), and dug a hole nearby and carted off the soil and filling to fill in the pothole.
and it was good.
However, along the way to fill the pothole some of the soil and filling was lost, so the hole that they created was a bit larger than the original pothole.
And it was not good because carts, horses, small children and complete ox-wagons and their oxen, drivers and passengers got lost in the newly created pothole.
and a proclamation was issued to “fix that damn pothole before we all go potty!” 
And so the same fledgling municipal authorities decided to fill in the pothole, and to do that they needed more soil and filling. The same work team was sent forth to fix the damn pothole.  However, the wor kteam were even lazier now (as work teams often are), and dug two holes nearby and carted off the soil and filling to fill in the pothole.
However, more soil and filling was lost along the way and now there were two potholes.
And the bean counters were miffed because they now had to employ two teams of workers to fill in the new potholes, not before the potholes had swallowed a little old lady, a team of horses, 6 men on the back of a cart as well as the night soil men who were not amused.
Send forth more workers!!!  
Who then created 3 potholes in their quest to fill two. and the potholes now travel around the city, occasionally visiting other cities and countries and helping to dispose of people, vehicles, complete buildings and hopefully a few 3rd rate celebrities along the way. 
Sadly they do not eat politicians or any of that ilk (because they may end up ill).
And sometimes potholes become so large that they become classed as lakes and become popular boating venues for the whole family
And somewhere out there is a team of workers digging a new pothole to find enough soil to fill the heap they were sent to repair, it is a never ending process, and as long as there are enough roads there will be potholes in them!
whether you like it or not.
The end
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Merry Christmas

Yes it is true, tis the season to get jolly.. and all that stuff that goes with it.

And whether you believe in a fat guy in a red suit or in the birth of a child in Bethlehem is irrelevant.


What is important that you have a Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous new year.


May love, light and laughter be with you on this day, and may the joy of family and friends help you to forget the cares and troubles along the way.

and, to those who are on duty in the emergency and essential services, in military bases, ships, hospitals, and everywhere else, THANK YOU!!.