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Closing the door on Salisbury

In September 2013 I started full time work in Salisbury, and moved there in late November 2013. This afternoon I left it for good. It has been quite a year for me, but I guess I have to look at opportunities and developments and occasionally these may require change. Leaving Salisbury and my job was one such change. Initially I was not too keen on Salisbury, its only really redeeming feature seem to be that it had a cathedral in it, and that magnificent building was really an experience on its own. 
Initially I stayed very close to work, in an area called “The Friary”, which had somewhat of a chequered reputation. But I did have a nice spot but when an affordable place came available to rent I grabbed it like a shot, moving in in mid April this year.
My new walk took me from one end of Salisbury to the other, through town and the many shops and business that would become almost second nature to me. It was a 25 minute walk and by the time I got to work (or home) I was usually bushed.
This odd structure is the Poultry Cross, and it marks the site of the former markets. It was constructed in the 14th century, and is a popular hang out for pigeons, smokers, cellphone weenies and sitters arounders, The market is usually held on a Tuesday and Saturday, and while not my favourite place did net me a few interesting odds and ends. The market square is also home to the Guildhall and the War Memorial; where I commemorated Remembrance Day this year.  Naturally I would gravitate to the local cemeteries, there were two larger ones in Salisbury, namely Devizes Road and London Road cemeteries. Both are quite old and I did have lots of fun walking through them. London Road in particular was a very nice visit, and I did find all the war graves and got very muddy while doing so. (It’s an occupational hazard)
Salisbury was a very large training area during the war years, and still has a number of military bases and facilities on Salisbury Plain. Unfortunately the furthest I seemed to get there was Old Sarum and of course Boscombe Down Aviation Collection. I had visited Stonehenge with my landlord from Southampton during 2013, and while I was suitably impressed I did not get there a second time.
We also visited Woodhenge on the same day, and it was quite a strange place to see.
I even attempted a panoramic stitch of it, and while it is not perfect you get the general idea. (Image is 1500×426).  Salisbury is really a tourist attraction, and somewhat of a retirement home, with its narrow pavements and strange alleyways it can sometimes lead you to surprisingly pretty buildings. In general though the city is a mix of olde, old and recent, but there is not a lot of work available so it does tend to be a destination commuted to (and from). The station is not a pretty building at all, if anything it is somewhat of an ugly place, although occasionally steam powered specials would make an appearance. It was also the site if a very bad train accident in 1906 but at the time of posting there was nothing to see that commemorates the accident on the station. However, I believe a plaque was erected recently. 
blacks 038
There is a wall memorial in the cathedral, although I would have thought that the station would have been a much more relevant place for it.
The rest of the time South West Trains and First Great Western make the station their junction. There are 3 lines converging on Salisbury. One heads towards Southampton/Portsmouth, the other heads towards Andover, Basingstoke, Woking, Clapham Junction and London Waterloo, while the third heads west to Bath Spa, Bristol Temple Meads, and Cardiff Central. I did a lot of odd visits on these lines, and probably once winter had finished would have gone a bit further, although an ankle injury really messed up my travels towards the last few months. There were a number of interesting museums and churches worth occupying myself with, and I did the rounds of most of the accessible ones.  The prettiest must have been St Lawrence in Stratford Sub-Castle  as well as St Andrews in Laverstock.

Walking around town on my rounds was always interesting, especially since there are 5 rivers converging on Salisbury. In January we had a flood scare, and I must admit it was quite interesting watching the levels rise and the flood plain become a lake. The Avon used to flow past the back of the house where I was staying, and it was fun feeding the ducks when I had some spare bread.

Naturally there were also coots, swans and pigeons, but the water birds had the advantage when it came to food.  I think that one of the all abiding memories I will take with me from Salisbury are of the people I worked with for just over a year. They made Christmas fun and often inspired me to do things. A new workplace does mean making new friends and that is always difficult. But I will have to make a go of it irrespective. Tomorrow is week 2 of my new job and new home. So lets see what I can find in Basingstoke. 

And so I close the door on Salisbury. I will miss it, and I take fond memories with me. I never did get to the spire of the Cathedral, or revisit Bemerton, neither did I get back to Arnos Vale in Bristol. Oh, and that pub that forgot my breakfast? you probably lost a lot of money from me, much more than the lousy 3.19 that you nicked from me. I will miss my little home that I had, and will look for a new one. London is closer and I have cemeteries to visit. But first I must unpack all this stuff I brought with me; where did it all come from?

Random Photographs.
War Memorial

War Memorial

The Guildhall

The Guildhall

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It’s Courage the Cowardly Dog

A constant feature of the local Cartoon Network, Courage The Cowardly Dog has been entertaining us with his antics for quite some time. “Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Muriel who lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband Eustace Bagge, but a lot of creepy stuff happens in the middle of nowhere and its up to Courage to save his new home.”

What set Courage apart from the usual cartoon was the occasional black humour, subtle puns, very different story lines and lots of great antics from Courage and the gang. It seems as if there are 104 episodes (of which 2 are music videos) and it is even rumoured that there is a Courage movie (no confirmation on that either). Two episodes of note are definitely “Remembrance of Courage Past” where we see Courage’s parents and how Muriel finds him, and “Ball of Revenge” where we see Courage pitted against the Eustace, The Queen of the Black Puddle, The Weremole, Katz, the Clutching Foot and Le Quack.  I haven’t seen Courage on TV for quite awhile now, but I take you a bet that he is somewhere out there “doing it for love”.  

In 2014 I finally acquired my very own Courage the Cowardly Dog plushie. I know that I always hoped somebody would get on the marketing bandwagon, but then Courage was really not the sort of character that would have done well as a mass produced toy. 
In 2014 a CGI animated episode was produced entitled “The Fog of Courage“, with a story line very similar to “King Ramses’ Curse”.  It is not known whether this was the start of a whole new season of CGI episodes, although these were used in the past. My verdict? It was OK, but not great. I watched it on youtube
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog. A cowardly pink dog.
  • Eustace Bagge. A bald, newspaper reading, malcontent farmer. (aka “The Stoopid One”)
  • Muriel Bagge. Eustace’s long suffering Scottish wife.
  • The Computer. Sarcastic desktop with a British accent.
  • Horst. Eustace’s long lost brother.
    • Appears in: Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted
    • Shirley the Medium
  • Eustace’s mother. A bald harridan of a woman.
    • Appears in: Mother’s Day
    • The Sandwhale Strikes
    • Bad Hair Day
    • Scuba Scuba Doo
  • Mr Mouse. Oversized rodent.
    • Appears in: Forbidden Hat of Gold
    • The Mask
    • Stormy Weather
  • Shirley the Medium. A Chihuahua with spiritual powers.
    • Appears in: Shirley the Medium
    • The Record Deal
    • Curse of Shirley
    • Muted Muriel
  • The 3 Duck Brothers. Egg laying alien ducks with Liverpudlian accents.
    • Appear in: The Duck Brothers
  • Dr Vindaloo. Local physician.
    • Appears in: Wrath of the Librarian
    • The Transplant
    • Magic Tree of Nowhere
    • Muted Muriel
  • The Chicken From Outer Space. Alien poultry with attitude.
    • Appears in: The Chicken from Outer Space
    • Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space
    • Son of the Chicken From Outer Space
  • The Banana. A black market racketeering Banana
    • Appears in: 1000 Years of Courage
    • Katz under the Sea
  • The Great Fusilli. A crocodile impresario.
    • Appears in: The Great Fusilli
  • Benton Tarantella . Zombie movie director
    • Apears in: Everybody wants to Direct
    • Angry Nasty People
  • Erin Von Volkheim. Zombie movie directors sidekick.
    • Everybody wants to Direct
  • Cajun Fox. Fox with a taste for granny stew.
    • Appears in: Cajun Granny Stew
  • The Precious Adorable Loveable Duckling. A malevolent confused duckling.
    • Appears in: The Precious Adorable Loveable Duckling
  • Dr Gerbil. A Gerbil scientist who conducts experiments on humans.
    • Appears in: Human Habitrail
  • Dr Gerhard Von Orbison. A lonely doctor with a demented house.
    • Appears in: Housecalls
  • The Goosey God. A Greek God Goose with Godlike powers.
    • Appears in: The Gods Must Be Goosey
  • Randy the Robot. A large robot who just wants to whittle reindeer.
    • Appears in: Robot Randy
  • TV Reporter. The loud TV reporter from Nowhere News.
    • Nowhere TV
    • The Tower of Dr Zalost
    • Mega Muriel the Magnificent
    • Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted
  • Katz. A smooth talking red cat.
    • Appears in: Klub Katz
    • Katz Under the Sea
    • A Night at the Katz Motel
    • Katz Kandy
    • Ball of Revenge
  • Le Quack. Criminal mastermind duck.
    • Dr. Le Quack Amnesia Specialist
    • Le Quack Balloon
    • Nowhere TV
    • Ball of Revenge
  • Fred the Barber. Muriel’s strange barber nephew.
    • Appears in: Freaky Fred
    • Ball of Revenge
  • Jean Bonne. Porcine diner owner.
    • Appears in: Heads of Beef
    • Curtain of Cruelty
  • The Old Man. A mild mannered balding old man.
    • Appears in: Hothead
    • Katz under the Sea
    • Curtain of Cruelty
  • The Irish Policeman. Law enforcement from Ireland
    • Appears in: Curtain of Cruelty
    • Courage in the Big Stinking City
  • Di Lung (The Young Hooligan). Get out the way you fool!
    • Appears in: Angry Nasty People
    • Muted Muriel
    • Courage vs. Mecha Courage
    • Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog
    • Hothead
  • Schwick. A New York cockroach villan.
    • Appears in: Courage in the Big Stinking City
  • The Eggplant People. Vegetables who want to kill Muriel.
    • Appear in: Journey to the Center of Nowhere
  • Dr Zalost. A gloomy mad scientist who makes unhappy bombs.
    • Appears in: The Tower of Dr Zalost
  • The Snowman. Frozen snowgenius.
    • Appears in: The Snowman Cometh
    • Snowman’s Revenge
  • The General and Lieutenant. Military intelligence gone wrong.
    • Appears in: Courage the Fly
    • Katz under the Sea


  1. A Night at the Katz Motel / Cajun Granny Stew
  2. The Shadow of Courage / Dr. Le Quack Amnesia Specialist
  3. Courage Meets Bigfoot / Hothead
  4. The Demon in the Mattress / Freaky Fred
  5. Mother’s Day / Night of the Weremole
  6. The Duck Brothers / Shirley the Medium
  7. King Ramses’ Curse / The Clutching Foot
  8. The Hunchback of Nowhere / The Gods Must Be Goosey
  9. Queen of the Black Puddle / Everyone Wants to Direct
  10. The Snowman Cometh / The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling
  11. Heads of Beef / Klub Katz
  12. Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space / Journey to the Center of Nowhere
  13. Little Muriel / The Great Fusilli
  14. The Magic Tree of Nowhere / Robot Randy
  15. Curse of Shirley / Courage in the Big Stinkin’ City
  16. Family Business / 1000 Years of Courage
  17. Courage Meets the Mummy / Invisible Muriel
  18. Human Habitrail / Mission to the Sun
  19. Courage the Fly / Katz Kandy
  20. Nowhere TV / Mega Muriel the Magnificent
  21. Bad Hair Day / Forbidden Hat of Gold
  22. Serpent of Evil River / The Transplant
  23. Car Broke, Phone Yes / Cowboy Courage
  24. Evil Weevil / McPhearson Phantom
  25. The House of Discontent / The Sand Whale Strikes
  26. The Tower of Dr. Zalost
  27. Muriel Meets Her Match / Courage vs. Mecha Courage
  28. Campsite of Terror / The Record Deal
  29. Stormy Weather / The Sandman Sleeps
  30. Hard Drive Courage / The Ride of the Valkyries
  31. Scuba Scuba Doo / Conway the Contaminationist
  32. Katz Under the Sea / Curtain of Cruelty
  33. Feast of the Bullfrogs / Tulip’s Worm
  34. So in Louvre Are We Two / Night of the Scarecrow
  35. Mondo Magic / Watch the Birdies
  36. Fishy Business / Angry Nasty People
  37. Dome of Doom / Snowman’s Revenge
  38. The Quilt Club / Swindlin’ Wind
  39. The King of Flan / Courage Under the Volcano
  40. The Wind Whispers Courage / They Must Be Giants
  41. A Beaver’s Tale / The Nutcracker
  42. Rumpledkiltskin / Housecalls
  43. Le Quack Balloon / Windmill Vandals
  44. The Uncommon Cold / Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted
  45. Bride of the Swamp Monster / Goat Pain
  46. Muriel Blows Up / Profiles in Courage
  47. The Mask
  48. Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog / Muted Muriel
  49. Aqua-Farmer / Food of the Dragon
  50. The Last Starmakers / Son of the Chicken From Outer Space
  51. Courageous Cure / Ball of Revenge
  52. Cabaret Courage / Wrath of the Librarian
  53. Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect
  • “Stoopid Dog, Now you made me look bad!” said by Eustace to Courage. 
  • “The things I do for love!” said by Courage in numerous episodes.
  • “Something smells fishy or my name’s Stinky Moo-Moo (or Swinkenhoffer or Shirley or Archibald or Alloyousis). And its Not.” said by Courage in various episodes.
  • “I don’t do no Doe-See-Doe I got a condition!” Eustace inside the gramophone (Record Deal)
  • “Muuuuurrrriiiieeeeeeelllllll!!!!” screamed by Courage.
  • “When am I getting paid????” Eustace.
  • “I’m ugly!” Eustace’s mother when she looses her hair.
  • “Nawty…..” Muriels barber nephew
  • “I ain’t getting out of this chair!” Eustace.
  • “Return the slab.” King Ramses.
  • “Whats your offer???” Eustace to King Ramses.
  • “… or the fat lady gets it.” Big toe on Eustace’s foot.
  • “Bleh bleh bleh!” Eustace.
  • “…Garbage from King Garbage of the Garbage dynasty.” Eustace.
  • “Oh My.” Muriel.
  • “Stupid space/hat/hippies.” Eustace.
  • “Where’s my dinner?” Eustace.
  • “It’s Doc Gerbils World….” recurring theme inside Dr Gerbils lair.

Credits and Voices.

Courage – Marty Grabstein
Eustace – Lionel Wilson (since deceased)
Muriel – Thea White
Eustace’s Mother – Tress MacNeille.
Baby Muriel – Kathie Soucie
Katz – Reed Diamond
The Computer – Charlie Adler.
Created by John D. Dilworth 1999. Produced by Stretch Films.

Courage The Cowardly Dog is copyright by Cartoon Network and Stretch Films/John R. Dilworth. No other rights, ownerships, or possessions are intended or inferred

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Remembrance Day, 09/11/2014

By the time I finish this, Remembrance Day will be fading. I am in a new city, starting a new job tomorrow, and it has been an overall hectic weekend. My plan was to attend the commemoration in Salisbury, and immediately afterwards to head for Basingstoke. The weather on Saturday had been wet and cold and I was really worried that the day would be rained out. However, like last year in Southampton, the sun graced us with its light. It was a glorious, if not slightly chilly day. 

The Wreath Laying would take place outside the Guildhall and at the War Memorial on the market square. Because of its placing I have always struggled to get decent images of the war memorial. Usually the sun rises behind it so any morning shots just don’t work, and then it gets really busy around here and there are gazillions of people around. I guess I have always been meaning to get better shots, but I never have.

Because of my moving I arrived just as the column of old soldiers and servicemen and women were moving off and there were crowds lining the streets to see them go. Poppies (and puppies) abounded. 

The crowd around the memorial was 5 deep in places, and security was everywhere. I have to admit that  I was glad to see so many parents bringing their children along, and how many were wearing their poppies with pride.

And once the columns had arrived, the dignitaries came out of the Guildhall and joined the ceremony. It was not a long drawn out one, but the poignant call of The Last Post made everybody aware that we were here at a special time, and that there were no old soldiers from the First World War to join in. 

After the 2 minute silence there was the Kohima Epitaph, which really sums it all up.
When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today.

After the official wreaths were laid, and the soldiers and scouts marched off, it was time to approach the memorial and if need be pay our own tribute. 

The memorial was bedecked with the familiar red and black wreaths that are used on these occasions. And there was a green poppy field to plant any poppy crosses on.

I laid a cross to represent my family members who had served, and for the friends that lost their lives in the border war. They are the ones I remember. Each of those small plywood crosses represents many things, but often it is tangible link between those today and those who never came back.


And then it was time to go, I had a train to catch and I would be leaving this city where I have lived for just under a year to start anew elsewhere. But I left a small part of me behind,  and when I pass this way next weekend I shall stop and check on the memorial, and hopefully it will still be bright and filled with the reminders of those who went before.

In memory of Robert Owen Turner,  Herbert Turner, David Walker, Mathys Slabbert, Lionel Van Rooyen, Johan Potgieter, Peter Hall and Hennie Van Der Colff.

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