Month: January 2011

Graves between the railway lines

I remember this cemetery from my young days travelling by train through Langlaagte to Mayfair. It is situated between the main lines and a spur that goes into the depot next to Langlaagte Station. Maintenance here does not happen very often, the grass on my trip was almost as tall as I am, and trying to get a sense of the extent of the cemetery was almost impossible. There are about 90 graves, of which I could positively identify about 30. Most date from the early 1900’s and there is one ABW casualty buried there.  
The weather that Sunday was not really good for grave hunting, it was a typical highveld Sunday, and the storm was brewing. I did not want to be caught out in the open with lightning around.  

I returned there on 10 July 2011 hoping that a fire would have cleared some of the grass and it had; sadly though, many of the graves uncovered had no markers, and while I could easily make out 10 graves I could not ID any of them, although I was able to document at least 5 previously missed headstones. The cemetery can be found at Google Earth co-ordinates -26.201210° 27.992552° Images of the graves may be found at the relevant eggsa entry 



I eventually made three trips to document this cemetery, and each time was able to add another grave, but without knowing the full extent of it, or having markers it was a difficult task, and of course I always ended up covered in blackjacks.


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Fontainebleau Cemetery. Randburg

I originally discovered this small overgrown cemetery behind a precast fence in Hans Strydom Drive in Randburg in 2007 and shot some pics over the fence. They were not very good pics, and at the time were the best I could do. 
Sadly nobody seemed to care that it had become just a collection of graves in what was rapidly becoming a dump. There was no discernible entrance either so I was not able to venture inside, but I always kept the cemetery in mind for the future. I believe the land on which the cemetery is, was privately owned and at that point was not under the care of City Parks. 

Going in there with gun dogs, bearers and an elephant gun would have been the right thing to do, but I had none of these, so I stored the memory in the back of my mind and pondered what could be done. 

The cemetery contains members of the Alberts, Breet, Carstens, Coetzee, Cornelsen, Darcey, Goosen, Griesel, Havenga, Havery, Herbst, Jacobs, Jankowitz, Janse Van Rensburg, Koch, Kruger, Louw, Malan, McDermott, Myburg, Nortjie, Norval, Oberholzer, Pretorius, Rabie, Reidelinghuys, Roos, Scholtz, Steenkamp, Steyn, Van As, Van Der Merwe, Van Der Walt, Van Dyk, Van Wijk, Van Zyl, Venter, Voges, Van Kleist, Vorster and Zietsman familes. The last burial as far as I can tell took place in 1973. 

In May 2010 somebody rode into the wall and broke the fence (thank you!!) and I got an email about it, and I was finally able to access the cemetery. 
Unfortunately it was terribly overgrown and almost impossible to find the graves inside to photograph. City Parks then started cleaning it up before fixing the wall. This gave me an opportunity to photograph as many visible graves as I could see, and I visited there on 3 occasions and each time found more graves amongst the undergrowth as it got trimmed down, and while I probably never did get all of them photographed I am quite happy with what I was able to achieve. 
By August 2010 I had managed to identify 35 graves, but there are many duplicate stones that complicate the issue even further. By April 2011 the wall had been repaired, the cemetery had been cleaned up and I was able to find a further 5 undocumented graves. The cemetery can be found on Google Earth at 26° 6’39.72″S 27°59’25.83″E
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Musings of a Curious Individual

This is the original first post that started this blog off on the Blogger Platform in January 2011. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, much waffling has been done and fun was had.  
I toyed with blogs before, and frankly I didn’t get it! But, many years later, and many pages of html under my belt at my website, I think the time has come to try again. Bear with me though. I have lots on my mind, but am kinda addled brained when it comes to remembering things. 

My primary “work” has always been with its many subsections. I started that in 1997 when I was retrenched and couldn’t sleep.  Since then there have been many iterations of it, and now it is in a blog format. I really wanted to combine this blog and that one, but there are too many incompatibilities between the WordPress and blogger platforms, I also seem to be able to work better with the two blogs being separate entities.

The current project on this blog (musings while allatsea), apart from its usual stuff, is to duplicate the images that are currently living on Picasa, because if Blogger changes the internal links to the images all of them will return an “image not found” error. It is a slow process as I am really backdating 4000+ images. Unfortunately as a result of this, the theoretical first post in this blog is now stuck somewhere in the middle. Maybe one day I will be able to say: “It is done!” or maybe not.  

On a side note… why is it I can never remember the name and address of this blog of mine? fat lot of good that is huh?  (updated 17/03/2016)