William Amey VC, MM

William Amey (05/03/1881 – 28/05/1940) was awarded the Victoria Cross for for his actions at Landrecies, France, during the First World War.

The Citation reads:

“On 4 November 1918 at Landrecies, France, when many hostile machine-gun nests were missed by the leading troops owing to fog, Lance-Corporal Amey led his section against a machine-gun nest under heavy fire and drove the garrison into a neighbouring farm, finally capturing 50 prisoners and several machine-guns. Later, single-handed and under heavy fire he attacked a machine-gun post in a farmhouse, killed two of the garrison and drove the remainder into a cellar until assistance arrived. Subsequently he rushed a strongly held post, capturing 20 more prisoners”.

He is buried in Leamington Spa Cemetery, Leamington Spa

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