Wardale modified Class 19D-2644

This locomotive, a 19D (2644) was modified by SAR Assistant Mechanical Engineer, David Wardale in 1979, and she was the precursor of the famous Class 26 “Red Devil“. Also known as “Spookie”, her days of service ended prematurely in 1984. Had steam not be discontinued in South Africa, who knows what the future would have held for this almost intact “experiment”. She lay rusting away at Sanrasm for years, her double Lempor exhausts buried in a tree, seemingly never to ride the rails again, and it was hoped that she would be one of the few locos at that graveyard that would make the journey to Reefsteamers, and just maybe somebody would help her run once again. Alas that was not to happen. In April 2014, armed scrap thieves entered the premises of Sanrasm and cut the frames of her to get at the bearings. It was the death knell of this historically significant steam engine. She is now history, these images are all that remains.


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