War Memorials in Lewisham, London.

There are three Memorials listed in the London Borough of Lewisham on this page, the first two come to me courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore who pointed them out to me.  The first Memorial is inscribed as being to:

All The Lewisham People Who Lost their Lives 1914-1918, and 1939-1945

Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51.453594°,  -0.015996°

The second Memorial is a mural painted at the entrance to the Lewisham Shopping Centre, and is a small VC recipient plaque, as well as some information about the damage done to the area during World War II.

Google Earth co-ordinates for the Lewisham Shopping Centre are:    51.462087°,  -0.012862°

The final memorial is situated to the right of the main entrance of the Old Public Library in the corner. Unfortunately the name plaque is not really legible, but a dedication reads: Dedicated to the brave men who died in the hospital and laid down their lives for the British Empire  1914-1918, And to Dorothy Goodman and Helen Knibb who died at their post of duty nursing the sick and wounded. (Erected by the Medical and Nursing Staff Lewisham Military Hospital) The memorial was rededicated on 4 August 1998.

The mention if the hospital was interesting because my late Grandfather was wounded at the Battle of Delville Wood on the 18th of July. From the casualty clearing station he was shipped to England and ended up at the Lewisham Military Hospital. It was strange because I felt as if I had come a full circle seeing this slightly worn memorial.

More on this memorial may be found at The Lewisham War Memorials Wiki

Google Earth co-ordinates are:    51.454739° ,  -0.016221°

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