The C&D Files

The C&D Detective Agency had a staff of three full time detectives, one trainee detective, and a secretary. They were involved in a number of cases, some minor, others of a conspiratorial nature. I tried a number of things with the agency, including long distance cases and the short individual cases. They were fun to do though, but Caitlyn was not amused because not only did she spend most of her time playing administrator, but also had to put up with the shenanigans of Dawn and Heather.

The C&D Detective Agency

The C&D Detective Agency

To quote the blurb…. “My name is Caitlyn and I am a detective. I work the streets for the C&D Detective Agency. I work in the dirty underbelly of the city, I meet the lowlifes who inhabit these dark places. It’s my job to investigate whatever comes my way. My partners and I don’t have an easy job, its hard and dirty work, often its repetitive, often its downright dangerous. But, we are Dolly Detectives and somebody has to do it. This is our page, direct from the files of the C&D Detective Agency. Take some weight off your feet, relax, read about what we do. And remember, when you need a gumshoe, call us, we can help you.”

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