Adventures of a Hollow Headed Girl

Many Many years ago (and I am talking about early 2000’s), I started writing stories using a small porcelain doll who I called Jenni Amanda;  the original “Hollow Headed Girl”. I was trying to emulate the the “Photo Picture Libraries” genre, but to be frank could never really emulate such “literature” so made my own instead.

Digital photography was really in its infancy, and I found an IXLA Super Pro 640 digital camera that was almost the only thing available in the entry level market at the time in South Africa. It had a 0.35MPixels CCD and 2MB internal storage and it went through batteries like crazy and only had a capacity of  30 images.  This was not my first venture into digital photography though, I had played with a digital camera in the USA in 2000, and it was light years ahead of anything we had in SA at the time.

IXLA SP540 and goodies

IXLA SP640 and goodies

I was living with friends at the time and roped in the boys and props to help. They were heady days to say the least, and I had a lot of fun. But the limitations of the camera and ideas was a major problem and eventually I gave up, but filed the idea away for further reference.

Somewhere the images still exist, but I found a lot of the original stories in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.   Interestingly enough there were two versions, an original that has not survived intact, and a later more streamlined version; which is what I am using as a basis to recreate the stories. Be aware though, the resolution is low, and I have cut and pasted complete pages and made them into an image, so each page is really an image. It takes too long to redo the code, but if I do find the original files and pages I will recreate them properly. In 2004 the bug to start again bit me, and the end result was Tumbling Twinns.

The limitations in these original stories are that the images are all quite small, so I made each page into 2 larger JPGs. I also changed format in the middle of the original stories so halfway through the pages will change from their original layout to a different one. This was because the dialogue was too much to really stick with the text box and image format.   For those that are interested; Der Brain was an eggshell that was filled with wax, and I did do a crossover story with him in it.  Jenni Amanda now lives with the Twinns that were sold, I donated her and most of my other doll bits and pieces to the lady that bought the Twinns.

So without further ado, lets go adventuring with a Hollow Headed Girl….


Jenni Amanda

Hullo, my name is Jenni Amanda and these are my adventures. I am a hollow headed bisque doll, about 11 inches high. Up till 2001 I led a nice quiet life but inside of me was this little adventurer longing to break free, and eventually it finally happened and I had a heap of really fun adventures. It is really hard to explain it all; so that’s why I have this webpage. You will also meet my dear friend Shirley Valentine, she is a part time psychic and shared quite a few adventures with me. I also have a dear little yellow doggie called Retro, he comes from America and can bark really well if you press the switch on his tummy. I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer on this page and that one day I can bring you more of my adventures when I have recovered from these. Until then I shall have a rest to recover from all that has happened and I shall dream and tell you all about what I dreamt when I return. In the meantime, why not visit with Caitlyn, a unique hollow headed girl who looks like quite an adventurer herself.

Special thanks should go to a few friends whose names I cannot reveal, you know who you are.

At the moment we are still trying to recreate the pages, but watch this space as we slowly get there. At the moment the following is available:

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