Thomas George Turrall VC.

Thomas George Turrall   (05/07/1885 Birmingham. d. 21/02/1964) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the First World War.

The Citation reads:

“On 3 July 1916 at La Boiselle, France, during a bombing attack by a small party against the enemy, the officer in charge was badly wounded and the party was compelled eventually to retire. Private Turrall remained with the wounded officer for three hours under continuous and heavy fire from machine-guns and bombs. Notwithstanding that both he and the officer were at one time completely cut off from the British troops, he held his ground with determination and finally carried the officer to the British lines after a counter-attack had made this possible.”

He is buried in Robin Hood Cemetery, Solihull, Warwickshire.

Thomas Turrall VC. 05/07/1885 - 21/02/1964 Robin Hood Cemetery, Soilhull

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