The Twinns Move House (3)

The next day I headed off to the new place, my car burdened with boxes. After much struggling with a recalcitrant key I eventually managed to get the door open and get the Twinn advance party inside. Victoria was not looking very good. Sarah massaged her chest…. “Victoria, hang in there, don’t quit on us now!!”

“Sarah, stop banging me on the chest! I was having a nice nap up till now.”
“Ye gads, I thought for a moment there was something wrong. For a moment you gave me quite a start .”
Sarah and Victoria unpacked the other Twinns who dashed around looking out of the windows and peering into cupboards.

“But its so high up…. I think I mustn’t look out of the window too much, it makes me feel dizzy.”

“Hmm… no food, and I am peckish, I wonder if they packed us enough snacks to get us through the week?”

Chandler peered out of the window, “wow! look there, a red crested warbling midget wood eating speckled robin! Just wait till the rest of the gang get here, we can have a lot of fun on this floor, maybe I can even begin that aerobics class I have been wanting to start for so long.”

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