The Twinns Move House (2)

Sarah checked the travel box while Chandler sat inside it. “Pressure is nominal Sarah.”
“And the temperature gradient control is A-OK too Chandler. I must just adjust the CO2 scrubber and life support system for 2. These MKII boxes are much more spacious than the old MKI, but their controls are much more finicky. At least we don’t need to pressurise them anymore”. Sarah could talk technical with anyone who would listen, it was not for nothing that she was appointed science officer of the Tumbling Twinns.

“Will Victoria hold out OK?” Chandler asked with some concern.
“She will be Ok, I am traveling with her in the command box, and I have my medical kit as well as a supply of socks and an anesthesia cone in case I need to give her a short nap.”
“Well, if you need somebody else to travel with her I can always swop with Jeanette.”
“Nah, Vicky will be OK. She is a tough Twinn. You don’t wear a superhero suit because you are a wimp, Besides, by tomorrow this time the trip will be over and we will be in our new spot. I will see you when you we get there.”

The next morning Justyn pushed the boxes down the corridor to the stairwell so that they could be loaded into the car. A chorus of “ouch” and “not so rough out there” and “What does it say on the outside of the box?? handle with care!” came from inside the boxes.

Unfortunately, when he got to the stairs the one box ran away from him…… “Oops, somebody is not going to be happy” he thought.

“Justyn, when we get to the other side you are going to have a lot of explaining to do!” Anastasia said from inside the box at the bottom of the stairs. “Caities just hate being dropped down stairs by boys who cannot drive a box around!”
“Sorry Anna, but I had to swerve to avoid a… um… er” He thought for an excuse, “Of yes, I swerved to avoid a fashion doll that had fallen off her shoes!”
“A likely story if ever I heard one” Jeanette exclaimed from inside her box.

Inside the flat the remaining Twinns were busy with the packing. Amanda and Nicole were helping to pack the books in boxes. “Have you read this one Amanda?” Nicole asked, passing Amanda a book.

“Oh yes, I have read most of the books here already, in fact I have even read most of Dawn’s comics.”
“Speaking of Dawn, I hear she has almost finished packing already.”

“Well done Dawn.” Tina said, “you have packed 3 boxes of stuff already.”
“Actually Tina, that’s just some of my stuff. I have another 14 boxes in the bedroom with the rest of my stuff all ready to go on the truck!”

Skye worked away at wrapping cups in newspaper so that they could be packed. She knew that once the moving was over she was going to be very busy finding all the lost and mislaid items.

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