The Twinns Move House (1)

Caitlyn called the Twinns together late one Friday evening. “Girls I have called this meeting at this really odd hour because it’s the only time we can all be here. In short we are moving house in just over 2 weeks time”.

A general rise in the noise level was an indication of the surprise that the Twinns got at this news.
“Why so sudden Cait?” Lily Su asked.

“The Bossman said it’s because he suddenly found us a new place. Unfortunately it had to be done at short notice which is why I called this meeting. Some of you have not had the opportunity to meet Tina yet, she arrived here awhile back and has been helping the Bossman scout out some new places. She will assist in co-ordinating everything. Over to you Tina.”

“Thanks Caitlyn. Evening everybody. I wont be all bossy and tell everybody what to do. But to keep things easier we need to get everybody packed and ready to move as quick as we can. An advance party will be going across tomorrow to keep an eye on things while the rest of us get down to packing. I envisage 8 Twinns will be needed at this time, which means 4 Twinns will need to get themselves moving buddies and get settled in the moving boxes so that we can transport them tomorrow.”
Victoria raised her hand. “Do we really have to move, you know I get nervous when these things happen. My knees are already shaking.”

“I’m afraid so Victoria, and we need you to go in the advance party just in case we need the services of Cosmic Tangerine. The advance party will be headed up by Sarah Willow and will comprise of Sarah Willow, Victoria, Anastasia, Jeanette, Chandler, Virginia, Erin, and Elinor. “

“Do I need to take my tools with in case we need to erect an antenna?” Jeanette asked. Jeanette was part owner of a TV aerial business and was always looking for new opportunities.
“Sorry Jeanette, the building already has an antenna, but I do suggest you take some long life munchies with as we are not sure how long it will be before we can get more Twinns there and a working fridge for snacks. Also take a change of clothes and lots of torches because the electricity situation is looking bleak in South Africa at the moment.” Tina explained.

“OK girls, I need everybody to pull finger and get 4 travel boxes kitted out. I also need those who are not in the advance party to help pack everybody else’s stuff for them and get it ready for the next advance party which may happen during next week. Anymore questions?” Caitlyn asked.
Chandler raised her hand. “Cait, will there be more space in the new place?”

“Good question Chandler, but at the moment I cannot answer it. We have to see when we get there. I hope there will be, hopefully the Bossman will loose some of the junk along the way and we will have more space to get up to mischief… I mean, to conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion. No more questions? righto, lets get busy girls, those who remain behind will help get boxes down while the advance party better get their goodies packed. We leave at 10H00 tomorrow morning.”

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