The PAX Memorial in Walmer, Port Elizabeth

These photographs were kindly taken by Ronnie Lovemore in February 2012.

Every now and then you find a memorial that seems to have lost its context, or been vandalised to the extent that its meaningless, and occasionally you find one that has been forgotten.

The PAX Memorial In Walmer is one such memorial that was relevant in 1918, but which lost its reason for existence when when it was overtaken by the horrors of World War 2. Unlike many war memorials that recognises the sacrifice of those that lost their lives, PAX celebrates the outbreak of peace.


Pax. 1918

The memorial is a six metre cement obelisk on the Walmer Golf Course at 10th Avenue. It was erected to mark the end of the First World War and is inscribed with the Word PAX (Peace) and the date 1918 on it.

The memorial was unveiled on 19 July 1919 at a lavish bonfire and celebration organised by the residents of Walmer and the Peace Celebrations Committee.

Over time the monument became forgotten and merged with the trees and undergrowth. Renewed interest in the memorial in 1982 did not result in the memorial being moved, and once again it disappeared into obscurity. Today it is probably only ever seen by golfers playing their obligatory 9 holes.

PAX. 1918


The PAX Memorial may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates 33° 58.464’S, 25° 34.491’E.

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