The New Theresa (4)

It was many days before Skye was ready to do the naming ceremony, but eventually the big day arrived and Caitlyn, Skye and Samantha gathered for the naming ceremony. Paige dropped in to act as witness.

“Welcome everybody”, Caitlyn said, “we are happy to finally have your naming ceremony Samantha, unfortunately Skye has been very busy with an undercover operation for C&D which is why we could not do this sooner. But the weather is turning and its the perfect time to do this. Paige will be our witness and Skye will perfom the ceremony. Kneel on the cushion please Samantha”
Skye was dressed in her Princess Outfit complete with her Princess in Waiting Tiara which Samantha had brought for her from her sisters in Slumberland. “Samantha, It is a pleasure to perform the naming ceremony for you, seeing as you were kind enough to bring me my Tiara in the first place.”

Skye intoned the ancient formula that bestowed a name on a Twinn. “By the power vested in me, as naming authority for the South African region, I do hereby bestow on you the name Samantha Miriam. Let all who object to this name step forward or forever hold their peace.” She gently laid The Sword of the Twinn on Samatha’s shoulder. “It is done. Rise Samatha and take your place amongst the Twinns in this community.”

“Thank you Princess Skye.” Samatha said, “I hope that I can prove worthy of this name.”
“We know you will Sam, just count yourself lucky we don’t make you run up and down the stairs barefoot in your nightgown carrying a small chicken and wearing a strange hat.”
“That’s reason enough not to want to be renamed Cait.” Skye laughed. “Ok, lets get the official pics taken and then we can go eat. I hear Pizza is on the menu and Dawn isn’t home yet so we may even get to have some.”

And so Samantha finally had her name. Skye had her Tiara and there was Pizza for supper. What more could anybody want? Dawn advises that she is not amused that she missed out on pizza).

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