The New Theresa (3)

It was a Saturday morning at Tumbling Twinns, and as usual they were scattered around doing their various things. Paige was on Door Duty.
At the bottom of the flight of stairs Theresa and her kitty Fuzzface paused, “phew Fuzzface, don’t these people realise I am only 23 inches tall? those 3 flights will take me all day to climb.”

Eventually a very tired Theresa arrived at the security gate and collapsed against it, “knock knock” she gasped.
But nobody answered.
“How am I supposed to knock on the door when I can’t even reach the door? and, there is no door bell! I could be out here forever! What if a dreaded night visiting foam bat grabs me and takes me to its nest?”

Fuzzface, who was slightly fitter than Theresa, squeezed through the bars of the gate and let out a loud meow. That alerted Waffles who ran barking to the balcony where Paige was. She stuck her cold nose against Paige’s leg and Paige nearly dropped her laptop in fright. “Waffles, what are you trying to do? give me a heart attack?” It was well known that Waffles had a nose that could freeze water. From outside there was another loud meow. “Oh, that sounds like a kitty in distress, I better go look.”

Paige opened the front door and saw the very tired Theresa and the very vocal Fuzzface.
“Good morning”, Theresa gasped, “I am looking for the Tumbling Twinns. Do you know where I can find them?”

“You have found us. My name is Paige. You look exhausted, come inside and have a cuppa. I am sure we can even rustle up some milk for your kitty.” Paige unlocked the doors and helped Theresa inside.
“Those stairs, how do you do it? I nearly died of exhaustion.”
“Oh you get used to them. Once you have climbed them a few times you will find they aren’t that bad. Granted there are a lot of them and they are a wee bit high for Twinns. However, going down is a breeze.”

Theresa sat down and mopped her brow, “I am the new Theresa, I just landed a few hours and many stairs ago.”
“Oh yes, we heard all about you from the girls back at the Continuum, they said you would be easy to recognise because you were wearing the sock dress.”

“Yep, that’s me, those girls in the sick bay have a strange sense of humour.”
“Oh, it’s mostly Pat that gets up to things like that. She is a Caitie, and Caities love a good practical joke. There are two Caities here so you better keep a sharp lookout.”
“I have also brought some stuff from the USA for everybody, Although it’s in the box downstairs. There was no way I was going to drag that upstairs.”
“Don’t be too concerned about it, I will get somebody to contact the Bossman and have him bring it up for you.”
“That’s a relief. I also need to speak to somebody called Skye about having a naming ceremony.”
“You don’t have a name?”
“No, I hadn’t decided on one by the time I left, but I was bored during the flight so spent most of it trying to think of a name.”
“What did you finally decide to use?”
“I decided on Samantha.”
“Oh I like that. We will have to call you Sam.”

Later that day, after Samantha had rested from her flight and the stairs she distributed the many gifts she had brought with. “Skye, your sister Jessie sent this box for you and said that I must please make sure it gets to you in person. I believe its very important”.
“Oh goodie, I love receiving stuff. Thanks Samantha.” Skye opened her box. Inside were 2 tiara’s. “Oh, she sent me the Princess In Waiting Tiara as well as the Slumberland Slumber Party Tiara. I can wear one when we do your naming ceremony, although that also depends on whether I can find The Sword of The Twinn.”
Then Theresa found Sally.

“Sally, Clinton sent these for you. And the Noble Order of Emmas sent these too.”
“Thanks Samantha. How is Clinton?”
“He misses you a lot, but is so busy with campaigning, speeches and nominations that he doesn’t have time to get maudlin.”
“That’s my boy, the big lug, he can be really soppy when he wants to. I must write him a nice letter, and send him some photographs. These chocolates will come in handy too, I must just get Caitlyn to lock them in the safe for me or they will all get scoffed before you have even had a chance to tell us your story.”
Dawn was next on the list.

“Dawn, Randy said I must please give you this valentine, he has been wanting to send it since Valentines Day but nobody was heading out here.”
Dawn blushed, “That Sweet Patootie, he is just lucky I can’t hug him in person.”
Everybody burst out laughing when they heard Dawn’s sudden outflow of sentiment. “Now that’s a mental image I cannot seem to process.” Anastasia said.
“Bah humbug, everybody knows that Caities are very sentimental slobs when we need to be.”

And so Samantha came to Tumbling Twinns bearing gifts, a new kitty and new stories. Those stairs would loom in her future until she got used to them, and eventually she too will run up and down them just like a pro.

© DRW, JE Sturgis, 2008-2018. Moved to blog 23/04/2015

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