The New Theresa (2)

Meanwhile, at the conference, the speaker had taken a break and the folks who were attending the conference were free to walk around, visit the rest rooms, get drinks, or whatever. Meko had done all of those and was now back at the table waiting for the second class of the day to start.
“This is the most boring conference I’ve ever been to,” Meko was telling Carlisle.

“Meko!” A familiar looking Twinn came into the room. “I thought it was you. I was stuck in the back all morning because I got here late.”
Meko looked at the other girl. “Jackie!” she said. She leaped up and gave Jackie a big hug. “It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you since you went to Arizona. So you decided to go into medicine after all!”

“Yes,” said Jackie, “but I just moved back to town and find myself without a job.”
“Just like before,” laughed Meko. “Annette can still use somebody to help with the weeding,” she joked.”
“Thanks,” laughed Jackie. “I’ll weed if I have to. But I would rather assist you, if there is an opening.”
“Yes,” said Meko. “That would be wonderful. I’d love to have you back again. Jane and Pat help out but there is more work than the three of us can handle. How is your sister doing?”
“You mean Sandy? she finally graduated from Chapeaugraphy school and is now teaching courses at the local college. They say that the Twinns back in Arizona are expert Chapeaugraphers. The sad thing is I am still not sure what Chapeaugraphy is. How is Officer Malloy doing?”
“He was promoted shortly after you left and now strolls around a desk eating way too many doughnuts. He will be glad to see you.”
Just then Carlisle’s cell phone rang. He listened and spoke and then spoke to the girls. “Meko, there is a new Theresa at the Continuum and her head just came off. I’m afraid they need you back home.”

“Great! a crisis, just what the doctor ordered!” said Meko, glad to have an excuse to leave. “I mean, I am sorry the poor girl’s head came off but I can’t wait to get out of here. If I have to listen to another keynote address I will lose my own head. Come on, Jackie, we’ll grab our bags back at the motel and head home.”

Back at the Continuum, the girls quickly got Theresa into bed. Harmony and Bethany carefully packed up everything going to South Africa and got it out of the way,
Jane changed Theresa into her hospital gown and monitored her vital signs till Meko would arrive. “Don’t worry, Theresa,” said Jane. “I have had two neck surgeries and I am doing fine. You’ll be back together and on your way in no time.”

“Why two? surely the first one was a success?” Theresa asked.
“It was a success, but you know us Cookies, we are always trying to improve ourselves.”
Pat laid out the surgical instruments that Meko would need. Even Cavendish helped by putting the socks in the anesthesia cone. “Colorful little chaps,” he remarked. “I wonder how I would look in stockings.”

“We’ll have to ask Wendy to knit you some,” replied Pat, smiling at the idea of Cavendish in socks. “Maybe she can make you an extra long Union Jack style one that you can use as a sleeping bag.”
“Good job, Cavendish,” said Carlisle, as he tucked in the stray edge of a sock. “The queen would be proud, although I think she would frown on a knitted Union Jack sleeping bag.”

Just then Meko and Carlisle arrived. Meko got the low-down from Jane as she checked Theresa’s pulse.

“Thanks for getting everything ready,” she told the girls and Cavendish. “I will go get into my scrubs and we will start surgery right away. Jane, you have no idea how glad I am to get away from that boring old conference. ”
“We should send Pat to the conference next time, she can take notes and bring them back for you to study at your leisure” Carlisle remarked.

The surgery was a success and soon Theresa was discharged from the sickbay. After several days of recovery, it was time for her to leave for South Africa. She and Hayley walked out in the garden so Theresa could stretch her legs before she had to go into suspended animation for the trip.

“I see they gave you the dress with the socks on it,” Hayley remarked.
“Yes, Jane and Pat said it is to remind me of the anesthesia cone and that the transplant was a “sock-sess”. The girls in the sickbay don’t seem to get out much do they?”
“Well, they occasionally like to pull a practical joke, I suppose when you see some of the things they see you have to have a sense of humour to deal with it.”
“That’s true. I know I wouldn’t want to go into medicine myself. It’s bad enough being a patient.”
They stopped at a the Daffodil patch. “It seems odd to think it will be fall over there when it is spring here,” Theresa commented, looking at the daffodils.

“They don’t have Fall in South Africa Theresa, they have Autumn, and it doesnt snow either.”
“No snow? that’s a relief, I hate having a cold nose. Do you think I will get a name when I get over there.”
“I’m sure you will,” said Hayley. “And you should be grateful you are getting it there because their naming ceremony is not as strenuous as ours is. You don’t have to walk across the wet grass in your bare feet. I think Skye just taps you with the official sword. It’s not every Twinn that gets named by royalty you know.”
“I hope she is just going to tap me,” said Theresa. “I wouldn’t want to lose my head a second time!”
“I am sure you wont, besides, Caitlyn has had successful neck surgery in South Africa already. Sarah and the Bossman pioneered a new technique and its worked very well, Caitlyn has not lost her head since.”
“I am very nervous about going to South Africa Hayley. What if an Orange Rapid Twinn Viper eats me?”
“Ha! I wouldn’t let that worry me. The Tumbling Twinns have everything under control there. Besides, Cosmic Tangerine is always around in case you need her. You will have a nice long sleep and when you look again you will be there. Just think, you will be the only Theresa representative.”
“That’s also true,” said Theresa, brightening up slightly, “and I can see about getting a job and meeting Dawn, I have heard and read so much about her. Its very exciting.”
“There you are, see, things are already looking up. We better get you packed now, just remember to take the list with so that you know who gets what.”
“Thanks Hayley, this talk has settled me a lot. I will speak to you from the Southern Hemisphere.”

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