The Missing Detective (1)

The girls had just moved house and on the first day back at the office they made a terrible discovery…..

There was a crisis at the offices of C&D Detective agency. Caitlyn had called Dawn, Erin, Tina and Sarah Willow into her office.
“Girls, We have a crisis on our hands and we need to pull out all the stops to solve it. It appears that we have lost someone very important and we need to find her!”

“Lost someone? Cait, you should have Skye here for this meeting, she is the lost object expert.” Dawn said.
“I would have had her here Dawn, but for one teensy problem…”
“And that is?” Erin asked expectantly.
“Skye is the one thats missing!”
There was a thud as Dawn fell over.

Everybody was taken aback by Dawns fainting episode. “Sarah, Dawn has fainted!” Tina said, “just now her armature breaks and then where would we be?”
Sarah was not able to even do anything as Dawn scrambled to her feet. “Sorry everybody, but I really got a fright. Skye is such an important part of C&D that I doubt if we could function without her. And, now that we need her most it turns out in reality she needs us most!”
“I think I understood that, but am not quite 100% sure.” Caitlyn said in a bemused tone.
“We had better open a file….”
Heather dashed in, file folder and pen at the ready… “you called boss?”

Everybody looked at Heather in amazement. It was generally acknowledged that Heather was not the brightest Twinn at times, but if somebody mentioned opening a file she was there like a shot.
“Ok Heather, let’s call it. “The case of the missing detective”.” Caitlyn said.
“Right boss. But don’t you think we should ask Skye to sit in on this? she is the lost property expert, even I know that.”
“Um, Skye is the one that’s missing Heather.”
There was another thud as Heather fell over.

Everybody was equally shocked, but Dawn stepped in “Heather, there’s a spider on your shirt!” she said teasingly.
Heather jump up shrieking. “A spider… get it off me!!!” and ran out of the room.
“Dawn, don’t tease Heather like that.” Caitlyn said.
“I can’t help it Cait, some days she is just begging to be teased.

Caitlyn officially opened the investigation.
“Tina, you were in charge of the move, which load was Skye in?”
Tina consulted her notes….

“She was in the last group of eight Cait, in fact she was the last one of the group to go. According to my notes she travelled with Paige.” Tina, who had co-ordinated the move explained.
“That means Paige will be able to confirm if she arrived here or not. Dispatch a detective Cait, let’s question Paige and see what she remembers.” Dawn said.
Erin, the junior detective in C&D was duly sent to find Paige.

Paige was busy loading the washing machine.

Paige thought for a moment and then recounted her last encounter with Skye; “I know we both arrived here together, and Skye still said she was going to have her hands full with trying to track down all the bits and bobs that had been misplaced during and after the move. I last saw her helping out with the books and some of our clothing. It was in the bedroom, when we were trying to get the floor cleared so that we could erect the new table. I remember we had to pack a lot of unused stuff away while we cleared the floor. I know the place was full of boxes and they kept on getting in the way. You should ask Justyn, he helped out with getting the empty boxes flattened and taken downstairs to be recycled.”


Erin reported her findings to Caitlyn and Dawn and there was another thud as Caitlyn fell over.

“There seems to be a lot of this going around.” Sarah said, “I should have brought my medical kit with me.”
“We seem to have some weak armatures here today.” Dawn said, helping Caitlyn up.
“I think its the mental image I had of Skye being recycled that did it. Dawn, go see what Justyn says, and don’t waste time discussing comics!”
Dawn hustled away and found Justyn in the kitchen, having just finished helping out with the dishes.

Justyn thought for a moment. “I helped Skye flatten some of the boxes and then she went to the kitchen to help stash the cups and saucers away. I hope nothing has happened to her.”
“We all hope for the same thing Justyn. Oh, I meant to ask you, did you read that copy of Supaguy I sent you? It’s a classic.”
“You mean the one where Supaguy is kidnapped by the Green Glob? wow! that was a great one, did you see the artwork?”

Dawn reported back 2 hours later that Justyn didn’t have any additional information and that all her inquiries had drawn a blank.
The three detectives put their heads together and it was decided to ask all the Twinns where they had seen Skye last.
Everybody agreed that she had been arrived safely at the new flat and had helped in various places after the move and she not been seen since. Everybody had assumed that she was with somebody else.
“This is serious girls. Waffles has not been able to sniff anybody out since she caught sinus, the crocs have checked in all the low down nooks and crannies, Coalface and Lithium rummaged through the whole kittybox looking for her, although I doubt whether she would have been there anyway. Brenda’s crystal ball is on the blink and Jennifer and Lily checked the fortune cookies just in case. Skye isn’t anywhere in sight.”
“I even asked the Arbie sisters, the mutant radishes and Madame Heel if they had seen her. Madame Heel promised she would take a closer look as soon as she comes out of solitary again.” Dawn added.
Does anybody have any new ideas?” Caitlyn said, using her best detective voice.
“Why don’t we ask the Magic Attic Girls if they can use their Magic Attic Key?” Erin asked.
“Great idea Erin, that key of theirs is very useful.”

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