The Case of the Burnt Out Light Bulb

C&D were in the dark again. “Dawn, what is going on? why is it so dark?” Caitlyn asked.

“Good question Cait,” Dawn replied, “It can’t be the electricity because the kettle is boiling and the toaster is toasting.”
“You are making toast?”
“Of course I am, everybody knows that….”
“…..Caities love toast.” Caitlyn said smugly.
“Gee, how did you guess?”
“I am a detective, it’s my job” Caitlyn joked. “However it still does not solve my problem. My office is in the dark again. That crummy desk lamp of mine just doesn’t want to work.”

“Caitlyn, it doesn’t take a detective to know where to turn on the light.”
“Um, I have tried that already and nothing happened. I think the bulb is dead again.”
“Oh no, I will have to ask Sarah if she can do autopsies on light bulbs.”
“Dawn, if I didn’t know better I would think that you were being sarcastic. Seriously though, I changed that bulb yesterday and it was working when I went home last night.”
“I do remember you doing that, I still asked you “how many Twinns does it take to change a light bulb?””
“In the case of my office it takes one Twinn but many bulbs.”
“Maybe we should open a case file about this. We can call it “The case of the burnt out light bulb.”
Heather, overhearing this hurried into Caitlyn’s office. “I have an empty file here Cait, shall I open it?”
“Not yet Heather.” Caitlyn said.

“Cait, can’t you turn on the light? It’s dark in here.” Heather pointed out. “I know we paid the electricity bill this month.”
“Never mind that, I need you to find out us an electrician”.
“Aye Aye boss!” Heather said. She saluted and turned to walk out of the office, only she walked into the wall instead. “Caitlyn, you should really get the light fixed in this office of yours. It’s too dark to see in here.”

Caitlyn shook her head in dismay, “Why is it that I am struggling with all of this? What have I done to deserve it?”
Back in her office Heather opened a file, carefully writing “The Case of the Burnt out Light Bulb” on it. She showed it to Justyn who was passing through on his way to drop off some comics for Dawn.
“Why is Caitlyn opening a file to find out why the light bulb is burning out?”
“I don’t know Justyn, I only work here.” Heather said.

Just then Dawn came into the reception area. “Ah Justyn, I thought I heard your voice. Did you manage to get that comic I was after from that collector?”
“Yep, I have it for you. But I don’t know how you will be able to read it seeing as there are no working light bulbs here.”
“What do you mean? the light in my office works perfectly, it’s just Caitlyn that seems to have this aversion to turning on the lights in her office.”
“Yes, and I walked into the wall because her office was all dark.” Heather added, rubbing her forehead. “Cait must be on a cost cutting exercise, the next thing we know there will be no more biscuits to go with your tea Dawn.”
“WHAT? No biscuits? I better go see Cait about this, she can’t cut my biscuit ration in an effort to cut costs! everybody knows…”
“That Caities love biscuits with their tea!” Heather and Justyn chorused.
“Exactly. Let me go moan at Caitlyn about this. Don’t go away you two, I may need moral support.”
Dawn knocked on Caitlyn’s door and went inside. “Caitlyn, what’s this about you trying to cut costs by stopping my biscuit ration?”

“Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about Dawn.”
“Well, isn’t it true that you aren’t turning on the light in your office to save money?”
“Dawn, I have no idea where you got that from. No wait, you must have been speaking to Heather again, trust her to mix everything up. The reason the light is off is because the bulb keeps on burning out and all I want to do is find out why. There is no cost cutting or ulterior motive behind this.”
“Oh, why didn’t you say so?” Dawn asked innocently.
“Dawn, I have decided, I am going home until somebody changes the light bulb in here. I am not coming back until then. I am going to put on Jennifer’s silk jacket and sit on a chair on the balcony and relax. I have had enough of this confusion and darkness.” Caitlyn took her bag and brushed past Dawn. “You are in charge Dawn, don’t disturb me until this light bulb thing is sorted out. I don’t care how you do it but do it.” She waved at Heather and Justyn on her way out the door. “Bye bye everybody… “

“I think Cait’s flipped her lid.” Dawn joked.
“Maybe her armature is too tight.” Heather added.
“Well I don’t know what is going on so I shall see you girls later. Enjoy yourself.” Justyn said.
Justyn caught up with Caitlyn outside C&D’s offices. “Cait, what’s wrong?”

“Justyn, I think Dawn and Heather are conspiring to drive me batty. The light bulb in my office keeps on burning out and I jokingly said we should open a file and then we could allocate funds to find out why. Maybe get an electrician in to sort it out, but somehow they got the whole story mixed up and I had to get out of there before I cracked up.”
Justyn laughed. “I will ask Paige to have a look at it for you. I believe that she studied some of this stuff in college and is quite handy with a meter and screwdriver.”
“Thanks Justyn, I do appreciate it. Let me know what she says.”
Justyn met up with Paige on his way back to his lab. He explained the situation to her and Paige promised she would check out what was wrong for him.

True to her word Paige arrived at C&D’s offices at lunch time. Heather and Dawn were engrossed in reading comics. “Hi girls, I am here to take a look at Caitlyn’s light in her office.”

“You can look Paige but won’t see anything. Her light is busted.” Heather said knowingly.
“I know that, I am going to see whether I can fix it for her.”
Dawn looked skeptically at Paige, “You know something about electricity?”
“Sure, I did a course on it a few months ago, it’s not as difficult as it looks.” She opened the door to Caitlyn’s office and turned on the lights. The bulb flicked on and then off. “I think the switch or the plug is faulty. Where is the fuse box Dawn?”
“It’s in the kitchen Paige. Behind the fridge.”
Paige went to the fuse box and shut off the power.

She then went to Caitlyn’s office and opened the light switch up and tested it but found nothing wrong. Then she opened up the plug. Heather looked on in interest. “Paige, when you are finished in Caitlyn’s office you had better check the other offices, all their lights are off now.”
“Um, sure Heather. I will get right on it.” Paige said. “I have found the problem here, the one wire in the plug is loose and arcing to the terminal. I will clean it up and retighten it and the plug will be as good as new.”

Paige repaired the connection in the plug then closed it up and turned on the mains switch, the lights all went on, including the one in Caitlyn’s office. Paige examined the now working light. “As good as new. Each time that wire made a bad contact it seemed as if the bulb was fused, when in actual fact it wasn’t”.

“Wow Paige, you are a genius, you fixed the all of the lights without even looking at them.” Heather said in amazement.
“I better phone Cait and let her know that the lights are working.” Dawn said. “Heather, you can mark that file “Closed” now. I will make out a report in triplicate for future reference and then we can file it.”
Paige said her goodbyes, leaving Dawn and Heather to carry on reading their comics. “Why was Caitlyn so upset Dawn?” Heather asked in between pages.

“I don’t know Heather. maybe it’s an Audrey thing.”
“Hmm… maybe, I am glad it’s all sorted out now. These Audrey’s can be very temperamental.”
Dawn was about to remind Heather that she too was an Audrey, but thought better of it. She went into her office and as she sat down the light on her desk fused. “What the… drat, the bulb has blown, I will just pop next door and borrow Caitlyn’s. She isn’t here now so she wont miss it.”

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