The Art of Cemetery Statuery. (3)

Following on my posts about Cemetery Statuery in December 2011, I decided to devote another post to some of the statues I saw in Primrose Cemetery early in February 2012. This cemetery has some magnificent statues in it, but there does seem to be a concerted effort to vandalise as many of them as possible and a lot of the smaller angels have lost their limbs. However, the statues that remain are wonderful, and there are just so many. I am also covering a few of the one offs that I saw in other cemeteries in South Africa, so technically this post should not be very long. 
The oldest areas of the cemetery are the closest to the entrance and when I was there the grass had just been cut and it was looking wonderful.
I do not understand the mentality of those who would push a gravestone, or a statue off its pedestal. Unless the family makes a plan this poor angel will remain like this.
There are a lot of smaller cherubs and angels in Primrose, but they too have suffered under the vandals and weather. But some are still intact. 
The little china angel is sadly nearing its end, unless something is done about the cracked base it too will join the ranks of the broken.
This grouping is unusual, and both are in a good condition.
Of course statuery is not limited to angels and cherubs, many headstones are elaborate creations too. Nature still provides the best statues around,  and in spite of all the marble and granite beauty I cannot help but think that the trees are really the best examples of beauty that you can find.  
Primrose is the grand dame of Germiston. She has many moods and there is just so much to see and experience here. This cemetery is not just a resting place, it is an archive of history, and a glimpse into a different age altogether.  
Moving further afield, in Bethlehem I found this beaut, and it is the first time I have seen one like it. 
Closer to home is Burgershoop in Krugersdorp, and it had a lot of children’s graves in the one section, and they had been decimated by vandals.
Its not all doom and gloom though as some statuery has survived in this neglected place.
And that was Burgershoop.
The final cemetery I am visiting is Heidelberg Kloof. This grand old lady is wonderful, and she popped up a few surprises too.
I have always thought that this angel is slightly miffed at having been dislodged from their perch.
and Mariana Botha will be the last of this iteration of the art of Cemetery Statuery. I moved to the UK in 2013, and the angels I saw there are just as unique and beautiful as those I saw in South Africa. In fact, some were the same! which goes to show that you could buy them out of a catalogue.
The cemetery angels are often of museum quality, and all evoke their own reactions in a visitor. I enjoy seeing them, because they just add to the beauty of the cemetery,  and some have been watching over the graves for over a century, and hopefully will watch over them just a bit longer.
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