The Arrival of Sarah Willow

Following their successful Halloween, the Twinns decided to spend the evening telling ghost stories. They gathered up some candles, climbed into their PJ’s and sat munching on their chocolates and Halloween candy.
“OK, who knows a ghost story?” Caitlyn asked.
“Not me,” said Dawn, looking over her shoulder in case there might be a spirit behind her.
“Me neither,” Said Amanda, “but I do know a story about a doggie if we can’t think of any.”
“I don’t know a ghost story,” said Brenda, “but I can tell you a strange tale about a Twinn that went missing.”
Everybody agreed that it sounded like a good way to set the ball rolling.

“About a month before I came here”, Brenda explained, “one of the Twinns at the Continuum went missing. One day she was there, the next day she wasn’t. Of course there were rumours about her being eaten by a giant mutant radish, or captured by the Arbie sisters. But none of us really knew the truth.”
“What mold was she?” asked Amanda.
“Not a Caitie I hope, Caitie’s hate disappearing without trace.” Hoped Dawn.
“She was a Lenora by the name of Sarah Willow. A very pretty Twinn with wonderful red hair and a very soft nature. She loved to read a lot and was very knowledgeable.”
“I have seen a picture of her.” Said Caitlyn.
“That’s right, and she has a Twinn sister also called Sarah Willow who lives with Mary Glenda,” offered Amanda.
“Wow! that’s a real mystery,” replied Dawn, “did anybody find out what had happened to her?”
“Not by the time I arrived here. And nobody has notified me either if she turned up. Poor Sarah, I wonder where she went to?”

Just then Waffles jumped up, her tail in the air, her hackles rising. She started to growl.
“What’s wrong with Waffles Amanda?”
“I don’t know Cait, it’s not like her to do this. Waffles? what’s wrong? what do you see?”

Waffles growled once again, then yelped and ran and hid under the bed.
Then they heard groaning and the rattle of chains.
“I hope that’s not Alison playing jokes again.”
“Alison is away at the Inventors Camp Caitlyn, it can’t be her.”
The sounds grew louder, more groans and more rattling. There was no doubt about it, the Twinns were about to be visited by a ghost!

A spectral figure appeared before the cowering Twinns, she was draped in chains;  “Wwwwwoooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaarggghhhhhhh!!” said Dawn, covering her face with her arms.
EEEEEEEEK!” Shrieked Amanda.
Oh Noooooooooooo, its a Ghoooooooooosssst!!” stuttered Caitlyn.
Brenda said nothing, she just tried to bury her head into the ground.
I am the ghost of Sarah Willow!” The ghost said, rattling her chains.

“I thought Sarah Willow was soft natured?” Dawn muttered.
“And bookish!” Caitlyn added.
“She is! I mean she was!” said Brenda from her hiding place.
I have come for yooooooooooooooou!!” said the ghostly voice.
“You have the wrong flat,” said Dawn bravely, “try next door, I think Yoooooooooooou lives there.”
I have worn these chains for so long, only a brave Twinn can save meeeeeeeeeeee!!
“Don’t you hate it when they say that?” said Amanda to nobody in particular.
“Ghost of Sarah Willow, what can we do to help you reach the other side?” asked Caitlyn.
Choooocccccoooollllaaaatttteeeeeeeeeeee!!!” groaned the ghost.
“Chocolate? we can do chocolate. Dawn, give the ghost some chocolate…”
“Why me?” asked Dawn desperately.
“Because you are the closest, and besides, Caitie’s love giving chocolate to ghosts.” Caitlyn pointed out.
“Its a myth!!! I tell you, it’s not true!!!” said Dawn, trying her best to evade the issue.
Choooooooooooooooooccccccolateeeeeeeee!!!!” the ghost groaned once again, obviously throwing hints.
Dawn and Amanda bravely grovelled up to the ghost and handed her a milky bar. “Go Back, go back, move towards the light!” they said bravely.

But Caitlyn was suspicious, “there is something fishy about this whole thing. I smell a rat. Somebody hit the lights!”
Brenda groped for the light switch and turned them on.
“AHA! that’s no ghost, that’s a real live Twinn, caught red handed too I might add. You are busted suspicious spook!”

Sarah Willow laughed, “they said you were sharp Caitlyn, and you are. I surrender.”
“Can I open my eyes now?” asked Dawn.
“Sarah Willow? is it really you?” asked Brenda.
“Yes it’s me Brenda. Long time no see.”
“Where were you? everybody at the Continuum thought you had been eaten by a giant mutant radish.”
“I had to leave in a hurry Brenda, to catch a shipment to South Africa. But it got delayed and I languished in a box in Boston for ages.”
“I am just relieved that you aren’t a real ghost.” Amanda commented.
“Welcome to Tumbling Twinn Sarah, you scared the pants off us.” Caitlyn said, remembering that Sarah was a Twinn from a far away place. “Let me introduce you to the gang.”
“Thanks Caitlyn, I am sorry for scaring everybody, but we all know how difficult it is to be the new kid on the block. I have read so much about Tumbling Twinns and I was very nervous about coming here.”
“Well, everybody seems to make their arrival special, and yours is no exception Sarah.”
“I must admit I am surprised to see you here already Brenda.”
“Not as surprised as I am to see you Sarah!”
“Are we all going to stand around and chat? or are we going to eat chocolate and tell ghost stories?” asked Dawn impatiently. “Come on guys, us Caitie’s enjoy chocolate and ghost stories.”
And so the Twinns took off Sarah’s chains, re-arranged the table a bit and turned out the lights. They had a new friend to celebrate and she sat in the middle of them, joining in the telling of ghost stories and singing rowdy dolly songs until late into the night.
Then it grew quieter and eventually they slept.

No ghosts were summoned to appear in this adventure, the neighbours have been placated and the Twinns are looking very tired this morning. I wonder why?

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