The Arrival of Sally (5)

Aka: The Arrival of Sally and Lily Su

Early one Saturday morning, as I was on my way home from doing the morning shopping I spotted 2 Twinns by the side of the road. I pulled over and opened the door. “Hi girls, need a lift?”

“Good Morning”, Lily said, “yes please.”
“Could you please take us to the Tumbling Twinns? I have their address somewhere.” Sally added.
“Oh, that’s OK, I know where they stay, I was just on my way there now. Hop in and buckle up. We will be there in a jiffy.”

“Did you have a good flight?” I asked.
“It was Ok. I woke up half way and was very hungry. There was this box of fashion dolls next to us and they kept on jabbering on their cell phones and nattering about clothes. If I had had parachute I would have bailed out!” Sally explained.
“What about you Lily?”
“I slept through it all. I think Sally had too much chocolate before we took off, and the sugar kept her awake.”

We arrived at the home of Tumbling Twinns and the girls went upstairs to meet the gang. Like all Twinns they were apprehensive about fitting in with the existing ones. But, both were confident that they would be be met with open arms. “Good luck Sally,” Lily whispered.
“And you Lily, I think I have a tummy ache from fear.”
“It’s just your nerves, and all that chocolate. Don’t let the side down.”

Lily spotted Jennifer Mae concentrating very hard on her dingbat. “Drat, consarn it! how will I ever get this thing mastered in time for the tournament?” she muttered.

Lily touched Jennifer on the shoulder. “It’s easy…. all you need is total concentration. Let me show you how.”

Lily took the dingbat from Jennifer and was soon bouncing the ball up and down so rapidly that it seemed as if there were more than 1 ball.

Jennifer introduced herself. “I am Jennifer Mae, and up till now was the only Asian Twinn here.”
“My name is Lily Su, and I am honoured to meet you.”

“Lily, where did you learn to be so good at the dingbat?”
“It’s easy, I took a course at the factory, they said that anybody that could swat a fly could use a dingbat. It’s a very handy skill to have. I came top of my class in dingbat 101.”
“Will you teach me how to be an expert too?” Jennifer asked eagerly.
“Certainly, but only if you teach me how to write fortune cookie fortunes. Your reputation for wise fortune telling has spread far and wide in the Continuum. Rory says that sales have tripled since you started writing the fortunes.”
“That’s good news. But I do have a lot of help from my friends. In fact, I foresee that Brenda is going to have a surprise visitor.”

Sally had just found Brenda and the 2 Emmas shook hands.

“Welcome to Tumbling Twinns Sally. I am so pleased to finally meet you “in the vynil””. Brenda said, overcome with emotion.
“Its lovely to meet you too Brenda. I have read so many of your adventures already that I feel like I know you. I am glad that I can bring balance to the Continuum by being here.”
“We must hold our Annual General Meeting as soon as possible Sally.”
“What a great idea. I even brought refreshments. The Emmas sent along a packet of Hersheys Miniatures for us to nibble, but I woke up during the flight down here and got kind of hungry and I am afraid there aren’t too many left.”

Brenda just laughed, fully aware of Sally’s love of chocolates. “That’s OK, I am sure they will send us more. Come, you must tell me all the news, I have been waiting to hear about how the Cookies tried to take over.”
“Hmm, it’s a long story, lets grab a chair and I can tell you all about it.”

And so there were 2 new arrivals at Tumbling Twinns. Which meant stories to tell, clothes to swop and new adventures to come. Welcome Sally and Lily, we hope that you will be very happy here.

© DRW, JE Sturgis 2007-2018. Moved to blog 21/04/2015

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