The Arrival of Kelsey


In our household, Saturday’s are usually very restful unless we have a visitor. This Saturday was no different, with one exception, it was also the day Kelsey arrived after her long trip from Blueberry Hill. I went to the post office and her box was waiting for me with its precious cargo inside. I was glad to see she had made the long trip safely and couldn’t wait to see the look on Caitlyn and Dawn’s face when they opened the box. But first I needed to do some skullduggery and I roped in Alison as an accomplice. We unpacked Kelsey and then repacked her box… We hid Kesley away and then called the girls.

Caitlyn was busy grooming Godzilla while Dawn was listening to Pink Floyd and reading a comic.

“Alison, please bring your tools, there is a big box we need to open. Dawn, Caitlyn, can you please come lend a hand here.”

Alison's toolbox.

Alison never needs a second invitation to get out her tools, Caitlyn and Dawn were both roped in to carry the box to the bedroom where Alison would get to open it.

Up at the back please

Alison set to work on opening the big box, there were ominous pieces of tape on one side which read “parcel opened or damaged, resealed by the post office.” That was not a good sign at all.
Dawn and Caitlyn peered at the customs declaration. “Who is Cindy Ward Et Al?”

What does it say?

Caitlyn looked closer at the label, “No Dawn, Et Al means “and others”.”
“Phew, I was worried there for a moment.”
“It looks like this box comes all the way from Blueberry Hill.”
“Oh, I have heard of it before, it’s a Twinn Paradise.”
“Are you thinking what I am thinking Dawn?”
Everybody held their breath as Alison cut the last piece of tape and together they opened the box. “It’s empty! not even a sausage!” They all exclaimed.

It's empty! not a sausage!

“Not quite, there is something hairy inside it.” Said Caitlyn, peering at the strange object at the bottom of the box.
“Oooooooooh! a giant hairy spider!.” Alison exclaimed.
“No, its a wig. A My Twinn wig. But where is the rest of the Twinn?”
“All that is left is her hair!”
“Maybe aliens carried her off Cait.”
“Or she decided to stay in the Virgin Islands.”
“What if wolves had her for supper?”
Caitlyn and Dawn examined the wig closely, looking for clues.

It's very suspicious!

“I wonder who she was?”
“Or where she is now?”
This was a real tragedy, could it be that somewhere out there a Twinn had gone missing?
Caitlyn and Dawn were devastated. Had the unthinkable happened? how would they be able to carry on knowing that somewhere out there a Twinn was lost?
“Dawn? what will we do now?”
“I don’t know Cait, this is a tragedy. I think we had better find out who Cindy Ward Et Al is and let them know the terrible news.”
Caitlyn shuddered, “I don’t even want to consider things like that. There must be a solution!!! Where’s Godzilla my faithful detective monster? He will solve the mystery. Everybody get ready, we have a mystery to solve.”
“I will go search the kitchen and bathroom so long,” said Alison.
“And we will do the rest of the house.” Caitlyn and Dawn agreed.
And so our 2 Twinns gathered their goodies and went looking for Kelsey. She couldn’t have gone far they reckoned, after all, the box was here but she wasn’t. It would take all of Godzilla’s detective powers to solve this mystery.

And so Godzilla, Caitlyn and Dawn hit the trail.

Seek Godzilla! Find her!

They searched high and low until….

Aha, a clue!

“I bet this doggy belongs to the missing Twinn. Maybe he can help us find her too.”

Nice doggy.

Caitlyn and Dawn followed the doggie, it was wearing a lead so its owner couldn’t be too far away. If she followed her nose chances are she would find her. All they had to do was follow the dog and see where it took them. Caitlyn let the lab pup sniff at the wig “Seek doggie, go find your owner. She must be here somewhere.” The pup sniffed at the wig and yelped, looked around then set off on the trail followed by the 2 Twinns and Godzilla.

Here doggie, sniff this wig.

The dog bounded playfully along, its nose sniffing the ground as it ran, occasionally it would stop, sniff the air and then continue following the trail. Caitlyn and Dawn were tiring fast, “I hope we find her soon Dawn, I can’t keep up with that doggie.”
“Me neither Cait, my legs are sore from all the clambering up and down like this.”The dog bounded along until It came to a place that seemed familiar to Caitlyn, it was where she had met Green, the M&M all those weeks ago. “Dawn, I have a feeling of deja vu that something is about to happen.”
“Look Cait, under the curtain, it looks like 2 pairs of shoes.”

Two pairs of shoes?

“Yes Dawn, and one of them is Alison’s. I wondered where she had disappeared to.”
The dog jumped up onto the table and yapped excitedly.
“OK Alison, show us the surprise. We now know you were involved.”

Presenting: Kelsey!

“Look who dropping in from Blueberry Hill,” Alison explained.

I can feel a hug coming on.

“Alison, we will have to get you back for this. Welcome Kelsey.”

And so it was that Kelsey came to live in our household. She brought her dolly and her puppy, she brought clothing, gifts and heaps of tissue papers. But most importantly she came from very far away, bringing the best wishes from Karla and the Twinns at Blueberry Hill. She came carrying greetings from Bev, Kaysie, Countess Cindy, Ginger and Debbie, QZ and her girls. She came with a birthday card from Karla, and we all know that this birthday has been a very special one as we were all touched by the kindness of those involved. Thank you Karla, may you have a happy birthday, and many many more.

Kelsey also decided to change her name once she had settled in, and we were there when it happened.



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