The arrival of Jeanette

Brenda had asked Caitlyn if she could meet for tea one morning to discuss “Official Business”

“Sit down Bren, take a load off your feet” Caitlyn said, “remind me to show you my etchings. What’s on your mind? you know you don’t need to ask for a meeting with me, the door is always open.”
“Thanks Cait, I just wanted to make sure I could sit you down long enough to discuss something with you.”
“Anytime Brenda. Now tell me what’s going on?”

“It’s like this Cait, you know how the Emma’s always have to have balance?”
“You mean like there should always be an even number of Emma’s?”
“That’s correct. It’s to do with the balance in the Continuum and the armature. Emma’s are nature’s way of making sure that Twinn’s are always slightly above other dolls.”
“Oh, I thought that was a myth.”
“No, it’s true, that’s why the Noble Order of Emma’s was in a tizz when Penny went away on that medical course.”
Cait chuckled, “I remember that, the rest of us thought it was really funny. Especially when all the Cookies tried to sneak in.”
“Well that’s because some Cookies are kinda sneaky.”
“Don’t tell me Skye is sneaky too? I think she is really very sweet.”
“She is Cait, it’s just that we are fortunate here at Tumbling Twinns to have Twinns of integrity and who are disciplined and dedicated to the task at hand. Not all Twinns are like that, some can be very sneaky and devious. That’s how Twinns like Mme Heel and Alberta Moore come about.”
“Hmmm, I always wondered about those two, they are somewhat of an anomaly.”
“Anyway, the point I was making is that we need another Emma here at Tumbling Twinns.”
“Bren, you know how precarious our seating arrangement is.”
“I know, the other day Justyn sneezed and bumped Erin who bumped Virginia who bumped Dawn who dropped her glasses and caused Victoria to fall off the table. We still haven’t gotten her nerves settled. We are going to have to set up another rescue for Cosmic Tangerine to rectify that.”
“Ah, that explains why she has been hiding under the bed. In the meantime you can put out feelers to the girls at the Continuum and see what they say. If one of them comes here then they will have to hold auditions at the Continuum again and the next thing they know it a clutch of Cookies will be banging on the door. I will speak to the Bossman as soon as I can and see what he says. Maybe even show him my etchings.”

“I didn’t know you could draw Cait.”
“I can’t, but it’s something you are supposed to say when people see you with a sketch pad.”
“Thanks Cait, I will contact Carin who is the current Alpha Emma and see what she says.”
“Excellent stuff, I will keep you posted and you can keep me posted.”

Brenda mailed Carin at the Twinn Continuum who assured her that she would raise the issue at the next meeting of the Noble Order of Emma’s and see if anybody was willing to travel, even though it meant that auditions would have to be held for a replacement Emma.

A few days later there was a knock on the door. Anastasia was on door duty on that particular day. She opened the door and saw a Twinn standing there with a crocodile under her arm. “Good morning,” Anastasia said, slightly taken aback at the size of the crocs teeth.

“Good morning,” The Twinn said politely. “Is this where I can find the Tumbling Twinns?” “That’s correct. My name is Anastasia. That’s a very fearsome croc you have there.”

“Oh, that’s Constantinople. But you can call him Stan. He is really a pussycat in spite of his rather fearsome appearance.”
Constantinople winked. “Meeeeeowwww, Meeeowwww.”
“Oh, I almost forgot my own name. I am Jeanette and I am here to see “The Astonishing Brenda, Fortunes Told and Palms Read.”
“Have you come to have your fortunes told?”
“Nah, we have just come from the Continuum and were told to see Brenda.”
“Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Anastasia hollered. “That should get her here in a hurry.”

Brenda came hurrying to the door. “What’s going on Ana? I am sure they heard you hollering back at the Continuum.” She saw the new Twinn. “Oh hullo, I hope Ana didn’t deafen you with that yell.”
“Not really, I could see she is a Caitie, and Caities really like to do things properly. My name is Jeanette and I am here to audition for the position of second Emma.”

“And I am here about the position of third croc.” Constantinople added.

“Second Emma? But? you are an Arial Jeanette. The position of second Emma is only open to Emmas. Let me guess Corky put you up to this?”
“Corky? no, it was an Cookie called Jane.”
“Ooh those Cookies. They will do anything to oust an Emma. You had better come inside Jeanette and I will email The Noble Order of Emmas and get this cleared up.”
Jeanette and Constantinople followed Brenda inside while Anastasia went to make tea.
“Please take a seat Jeanette. What else did Jane tell you?”
“Well, she said I must sit you down and grab you by the leg and pull.”

Jeanette grabbed Brenda by the leg and pulled.
“Jeanette? what are you doing? what’s the meaning of this?”
“Then Jane said I must tell you that we are all pulling your leg. The Noble Order of Emmas has held their monthly meeting and as soon as they find a replacement Emma they will send one of the order out to join you. “
“Wow, and here I thought that somebody had made a booboo again. Thanks for the news Jeanette. But what about you?”
“Constantinople and I own a small business which we are setting up in South Africa installing and repairing TV aerials.”

“Now that could be handy.” Brenda said, “in fact if you do have some spare time could you check up and see if there is anything wrong with our aerial. We don’t seem to be able to pick up anything decent to watch.”
“That’s not an aerial problem Brenda, that’s a TV station problem. There is just nothing watchable on TV. That’s why I prefer a good book.”
“Oh goodie, that means you will be very welcome here because we have lots of books to read. Although be careful of comics, those belong to Dawn and she can get scarey when people touch them.”
And so Jeanette and Constantinople joined us at Tumbling Twinns, and everybody had a good laugh when they heard about Jeanette pulling Brendas leg.

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