The Arrival of Igor/ina (3)

Aka: The Mysterious Stranger That Came One Night (3)

Many days later, at the home of the Tumbling Twinns, Victoria and Samantha were playing cards and Victoria was loosing once again.
Victoria had a sneaky feeling that somebody was cheating, and it wasn’t her! “Sam, are you sure you don’t have an ace or 5 up your sleeve?”

Suddenly there was a knock on the balcony door.
“Who could be knocking at the balcony door? we are on the 3rd floor, nobody can come in from there.”
“Maybe it’s an alien, or some strange cult recruiting members.” Victoria said with a shudder.
The knocking came again. “Tell me it’s my imagination.” Samantha insisted.
“No, there is definitely somebody at the balcony door. Go look who it is!”
“Who me? why me? I don’t want to end up being probed by some green alien or dragged away to some cult to become a sacrificial altar victim!”
“You 23 inch wuss. Ok, I will do it, but then you have to wash dishes for a week!”
The knocking continued. “Alright, alright, we are coming.”
Victoria opened the curtain to reveal a strange looking Twinn peering in through the window.

Both Twinns dived under the chair. “It’s for you!” they chorused.
Fortunately for everybody Tina came walking in to see what the ruckus was about. “what is going on here? what’s with the noise? and who is that by the window?”

“We don’t know, and we don’t intend to find out either.” The two cowering Twinns said.
“Gee, a pair of 23 inch wusses” Tina teased. “I will get the door, but the pair of you had better have good explanations for hiding under the chair like that.” Tina opened the door. It was cold and wet outside and rain intermittently fell on the Twinn by the window.

“Good evening, may I be of assistance? My name is Tina. “
“Good evening, my name ith Igorina and I am looking for the Tumbling Twinnth home.”
“You have found us. Come inside, I am sorry for the pair of cowards hiding under the chair there. Were we expecting you?”
“Not quite, I heard that thomebody needed an Igor and here I am.”
“Hmm, that’s odd. But I expect somebody somewhere would be able to shed some light on everything.” She prodded one of the Twinns under the chair with her foot. “Come along you two, come out and meet Igorina, and then go rustle up some tea and biccies. I will get somebody to find Caitlyn and see if she knows about any transfers while we wait for the tea. Did you have a good trip Igorina?”
“Oh yeth thankth, the inthide of a cargo hold of a theven four theven ith fathcinating, I ethpethially enjoyed the turbulenthe.”
“I like your Christmas dress, its very fetching.”
“Thank you, I wanted to be here in time for Chrithmath, but wathnt too thure when I would land, tho I changed on the way.”

The rest of the Twinns came home in dribs and drabs. Some were away on missions, others were visiting Elinor and so Igorina wasn’t too overwhelmed. Caitlyn was the last to arrive. “Hi girls, I am home. What’s this mysterious SMS I got? “CM HM IMMD” I don’t speak the lingo I am afraid.”
Tina introduced Igorina to Caitlyn. “Pleased to meet you Igorina, I spoke to Kimmie at the Twinn Continuum and she mentioned your sudden disappearance. They were very concerned about you.”

“I theem to have booboo-ed up a bit there. I mutht thend them an apology.”
“I am sure they will understand, still, we mustn’t dally, it’s getting late, the weather is coming up, let’s get you somewhere to bunk down for the evening and tomorrow we will sort everything down. Do you need any clothing or PJ’s?”
“Thank you Caitlyn, but I am fine, I love watching the thtormth and will thtay up for longer.”
“Oh, that reminds me, we are having a naming ceremony soon, you are invited, so you had better hang up that pretty dress or it will get creased. I am not too sure when it will be though.”
“A naming theremony?” Igorina asked. “May I have a name change too??”
“Thure… I mean sure, we will add you to the list and you can join in, let me get the paperwork done and Igor’s your uncle.”
“Thank you everybody. I am thure I will be very happy here.”
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