The Arrival of Igor/ina (2)

Aka: The Mysterious Stranger That Came One Night (2)

The next morning Igor was taken to sickbay for Meko to examine while Kimmie and Harmony looked for his paperwork in the admin office.

“I don’t know Kimmie, I have never seen or heard of an Igor Twinn before. The closest we ever had was Virginia, she spent a lot of time doing body swops until she ran away.
“I know, her file is very thick. My organogram board has no movements listed and frankly I have no idea what to say about him or her. I do like the lisp though, its very fetching.”
“Yeth, I mean yes, it reminds me of Catherine Croc. I keep on wanting to pat him on his head.”
“Or her.” Kimmie said, “I can’t quite work out what Igor is.”

Back at the sickbay, Igor was waiting his turn to see Meko in the outdoor clinic. Pat, as chief receptionist, was writing down everybodies symptoms.

Wendy started the ball rolling. “I was knitting a sweater on size 1 needles with 372 stitches and as I was doing a cable I felt my elbow pop,” she explained. “Meko put my arm in a cast and I feel much better except that I haven’t been able to knit for a week. I even tried holding the one needle with my toes, but it didn’t work, ” she sighed.
“Maybe you can get the catht off today, I am thure you will be knitting ath good ath before in a few dayth.” remarked Igor.
“Er…. um… Igor?” Pat asked. “What can we do for you today.”
“I am here for an exthamination,” he added. “But I am perfectly healthy you know.”
Pat wrote it down, correcting her spelling as she went along. “Candace?”
“I am having a bad hair day,” sighed Candace. “Just look at my bangs. They’re all frizzy. I can hardly stand it.”
“Don’t you think you should go to the hairdresser?” suggested Carlisle, who was on Pat’s desk.
“No, Meko is great with hair. She knows just what to do.”
Pat rolled her eyes. “OK, Candace,” she added. “Alice?”
Alice was laid up in bed with a huge cast.

She looked at her broken leg. “Do you remember the summer Olympics?” she asked hopefully.
“We do, and we know you weren’t in them,” said Candace. “Now tell us what really happened?”
“Oh, OK,” said Alice with a sigh. “I had these gorgeous platform sandals, I fell while I was wearing them and sprained my armature. Now Meko is making me wear these dorky sneaker things that close with Velcro. I can hardly stand it. My glamorous image is ruined.”
Just then Meko arrived. “Sorry for the delay,” she began, but Jackie came hurrying in also.

“Meko, Kerry just brought the mail and I got a package from my sister, Sandy,” she panted. “You remember, the one studying chapeauography?”
“Oh yes,” said Meko.
“Well, she made you a hat. Look, it matches your scrub top,” Jackie pointed out.
Meko handed her instrument case to Pat and tried on the hat.
“It lookth thuperb,” said Igor. “Very thylith.”
“Thank you, er… Igor,” said Meko, who had been told about him at breakfast by Paris. She really didn’t think she should wear a fancy hat while on duty but she didn’t want to hurt Jackie’s feelings. “And thank you, Jackie, and please thank Sandy for me. I will write her a note when I get off duty. Now, who wants to be first?”
Meko swiftly dealt with Candace and to Wendy’s relief, took off the cast, though she told Alice that hers would have to stay on for another week. Pat helped Alice to hobble off as Meko examined Igor with Jackie writing down the vital signs and Carlisle looking on.

“Well Igor, I can’t see too much wrong with you. Are you sure you don’t want me to do anything about your lisp?”
“No thankth you Meko, a lithp is nethethary if you are to thuctheed ath an Igor.” He said seriously.
“Hmm, I wonder if Catherine Croc is an Igor?” Meko thought to herself. Meko thought to herself just as her pager went off. “Igor, I have to dash, there is an emergency outside, a Twinn has had a close encounter with a dog and I suspect the dog has come off second best, which means it probably encountered a Caitie. Don’t run away, Kimmie really wants to meet you.”
“Okey dokey.” Igor said cheerfully. “I am thure I will thtill be here when you get back.”

Meko was busy for much longer that she expected to be, and when she returned Igor had vanished, and nobody knew where he had gone to. A search was instituted but he had disappeared just as he had appeared. Meko dejectedly went to the office where Kimmie was talking to Janes head.

“Don’t worry too much about it Kimmie, these things have a way of sorting themselves out. Just make sure that I dont end up in that box under the bed, you know how I feel about that place.”
Meko was taken aback at the sight of her fellow Twinn physician looking somewhat worse for wear. “Hi Jane, I didn’t even know that you had quit while you were ahead!”
“Aww thanks Meko, Kimmie has been making jokes the whole morning in that line. If I could get reach her I would bite her on the nose!” Jane’s head said jokingly.
“How is the new patient?” Kimmie asked.
“He, she, it, is mithing.”
“Mithing? oh, you mean missing?” Kimmie said, taken aback.
“Yes, I turned my back for 10 minutes and when I looked again he was gone. We searched everywhere but there is no sign of him.”
“That is odd, was there anything wrong with him?”
“Nothing. Physically he was in tiptop form, apart from the lisp and a tendency to walk strangely. But I just can’t seem to get the hang of Igor. This is a seriously strange Twinn. I have never seen such a mismatched patched body in my life. Mind you, the girls didn’t seem to mind, they were jabbering away a dime a dozen back at the sickbay”.
“I hope he turns up, I sure would like to meet this fellow, I shall make a note of him in my “Under Investigation” file. Jane, can I move you a bit? you are resting on my files.”

“I don’t know what is going on Jane. Heads coming and going, 03 Twinns being sold, two Kerrys showing up, that sort of thing. We have four more heads away for new eyes right now and I’m having a terrible time keeping track of everybody. I didn’t even realize you were gone, Jane!”,

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