The Arrival of Igor/Ina (1)

Aka: The Mysterious Stranger That Came One Night (1)

Thunder rumbled in the night, the lights flickered briefly and then went out. On this particular evening Lucy was on night duty. “Drat! no lights! Just when I wanted to start researching the Zombie Legends.” She turned on the lantern and went back to her reading.

Five pages later there was a knock on the door. “Who is so crazy as to bang on the door at this odd time of night? and what’s with the howling dogs in the background, don’t they know there is a storm outside?”
Gathering up her lantern she staggered to the door to answer it. She opened the door a crack. “Who is knocking without??” Lucy asked dramatically.
“It ith I, Igor Twinn.”
“Igor Twinn?”
“Yeth it ith Igor Twinn.”

“Gee, you sound just like Catherine Croc. let me just unlatch the door properly…”
The door opened to reveal a Twinn with a decidedly strange appearance. He was carrying a black bag and had an aura of strangeness about him that Lucy could not quite put a finger on. Lightning flashed once again in the sky, but strangely enough there were no clouds around.
“Come inside out of this storm, I don’t know where it came from.”

“Thank you tho kindly. I am afraid thtorms like thith jutht theem to follow me around.” The Twinn was about to put his bag down when there was another crack of lightning. “That wath a good one.” He remarked approvingly.
Paris had been woken up by the noise and came to see what was going on, “What’s all the noise? why is it so dark? I was just nodding off when this crazy storm started, then somebody was banging on the door.”

She spotted the new arrival. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I expect it was you wanting to come in away from this storm. I wasn’t aware of any new arrivals. Would you like some milk? I was just about to go make some hot milk, lucky for us we have a gas burner on our stove just for occasions just like this”
“Yeth pleath. Thome milk would be thuper.”
“Thuper? Oh, you mean super. Gee, you are the first Twinn I have ever seen with a lithp, er.. lisp.”
“I know, I made it mythelf.” Igor said somewhat smugly.
The three Twinns clustered around the stove and Paris warmed up the milk for them.

“This weather is really odd, there was no sign of a storm 10 minutes ago. I must really ask Jessie about it.”
“I blame it on global warming myself.”
“Acthually, it ith quite common given the thtrange weather we have been having.” Igor said casually.
“So where do you come from er.. Igor?”
There was a flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. “I am afraid I wath not built at the factory. I wath athembled unoffithially by an exth employee in 2004 when thingth went all pear thaped.”
“Aaah, you are one of the BOTS Twinns”, Paris said knowingly.
“Bots? wot are bots?” The Lucy asked.
“It ith thtricktly need to know bathith I am afraidth”. Igor said, tapping his nose with his finger and nodding up and down.
Lucy, ever dutiful, took charge. “Well, everybody is asleep and all the admin offices are closed, so we will have to see about getting you bedded down for what is left of the night and tomorrow morning see whether anybody in sick bay is aware of your treatment.”
“Treatment? I don’t need treatment. I am perfect the way I am.” Igor said happily.
“Aren’t you here to have the lisp fixed?”
“Nope, I am here becauth thomebody thaid that they needed an Igor.”
“Wow, this is way too complicated for me. Mr Igor, I will take you to the spare room and we can find you some sleepwear and sort this out tomorrow.”
“Thank you, that will be perfect. However, I can jutth ath well thtay here and watch the thtorm. Don’t worry about me. I can juth prop mythelf up inthide the clothet, it ith very comfy.”
“Clothet? Oh, you mean closet.”
“Thatth right.”
Paris said goodnight and headed back to bed while Lucy filled in the roster and night duty log. Igor stared out of the window at the storm, occasionally clapping his hands and exclaiming “YETH!”

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