The Arrival of Heather

Dawn was busy looking for some reading matter when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it” she said to no-one in particular, knowing that the other Twinns were all busy with their own things at this time of day. She opened the door and was confronted by a pretty blonde Twinn.

“Good morning” the Twinn said, “I am doing a survey, I wonder if you could spare me some time to answer a few questions?”
Dawn was slightly taken aback, “Um, I am not really the official SpokesTwinn around here, you really need to speak to Caitlyn. She is the Alpha Twinn and kinda speaks for us all.”
“Is she in? would I be able to speak to her?”
“She isn’t in at the moment, she is giving a seminar called: “Godzilla. When Radiation Meets Bad Attitude.”
“Wow… I love Godzilla, he is so cool.”
“The Twinns here are all big fans, one of his relatives actually lives here with us.”
“Do you think he would give me an autograph?”
“I am sure we can arrange it, he is generally very nice in that way. Very big on caring and empathy you know.”

So Dawn and the blonde Twinn went outside to the balcony to see Godzilla (who was visiting Amanda and Waffles).

“Hi Amanda, I have somebody here who would like Godzilla’s autograph.”
Amanda, Waffles and Godzilla crowded around the new Twinn. “It’s always nice to meet another Twinn, there are so few of us in South Africa.”
The new Twinn introduced herself, “My name is Heather, and I have just arrived in the country. I did not think I would find any other Twinns here because I really thought that I was the only one. I got this part time job to tide me through until I can find something better or find a nice owner.”
“Well Heather, we do have bad news for you, there are 6 of us here already so you won’t be the first Twinn.” Amanda explained.
“Or the last.” Dawn said.

Godzilla, who had been sidelined, made a strange rumbling noise and the spines on his back started to glow. “Uho, Heather, when those spines start to glow then you know that Godzilla is starting to get slightly upset. You better see if you can get that autograph before he lets fly with his radioactive breath.”

So Heather and Godzilla sat down and he gave her his autograph and they discussed the problems associated with being a city stomping monster (or a distant relative to one). While this was going on Caitlyn arrived back from her seminar and Dawn explained to her about Heather. “That’s interesting Dawn, I wonder where she originated from? what mold is she?”
“You ain’t gonna like it Cait, she is a Denver Audrey!”
“What? I don’t believe it! I better go see for myself.”
Heather was just at the point of getting ready to leave when Caitlyn came onto the balcony. The two Audrey’s looked at each other in shock. “You look just like me!” they said simultaneously.

Naturally Caitlyn asked Heather to stay for tea and wait till Sarah and the Bossman came back from the library, and Brenda got back from her meditation. Jennifer had also made her appearance and was shocked to see the 2 Audrey’s. “Look Dawn they are Twinns, but not Twins.” she said.
“Where to from here Heather?” Dawn asked.
“I am not sure Dawn, I was thinking that maybe I should put myself up for sale and see what will happen.”
“No way Heather. The Bossman will never allow that, we will twist his arm until he lets you stay. ” Amanda said.
“I agree!” said Jennifer.
“That makes 3 of us.” Dawn added.
“I don’t know what we are agreeing to but you have my vote too.” Brenda said strolling onto the balcony.
“That makes it almost unanimous. I will ask the Bossman when he gets back from the library with Sarah and see what he says.” Caitlyn said.

“Just one thing Heather, where did you come from?”
“It’s a long story, I was a non-poseable that used to be owned by a girl back in the USA, and we did all the usual doll things and she looked after me and put make-up on me and painted my nails and we kinda grew up together. But, as you know often girls grow up and they forget about dolls and get involved with fashion and boys and we get shunted to the sidelines, eventually ending up on ebay or on a garage sale. Jo rescued me from the pile and took me home with her and gave me a makeover”.

“Then she decided to offer me to the Bossman and see whether I wanted to come to South Africa.”
“Let me guess, Virgina sacrificed her body once again to another Twinn. That poor girl has had more bodies than an undertaker.” Brenda said. “But we knew nothing about you coming here.”
Caitlyn explained, “that’s the norm Bren, the Bossman never tells us these things just in case the box goes missing and we end up waiting for a Twinn that never arrives.”
“Oooh he can be sneaky.” Amanda said.
“I agree!” said Jennifer. “But I also see the reasoning behind it. Just imagine what would have happened if we were waiting and the box never arrived.”
“Hmm… kinda like when Sarah went missing when she came here.”
“And those shoes for us that he ordered that also never arrived.” Dawn reminded everybody.

“But Heather, that still doesn’t explain how you ended up doing surveys? Did you get out of your box? where is the box at the moment?” Caitlyn asked, ever the detective.
Just then Sarah came onto the balcony, “Hi girls, there is something strange going on, Somebody has left a big box in the bossman’s parking bay. He is not very amused and is going to call the two truck to have it towed away!”
Heather’s face dropped, “But, but, but, that’s my box! There are goodies inside it for everybody!”
“Aha! the truth comes out at last.” Caitlyn smiled. “I knew there was something fishy going on here”.
“You have bust me girls, I am not here to do a survey, I am the new Twinn and I was at a loss as to how to make my arrival special.”
“Heather,” Jennifer asked, “Did anybody ever tell you that you could act in Baywatch? you will make a super beach bunny Twinn.”
“Jo used to call me Malibu Audrey before I came here, I guess it’s very appropriate.”
The Twinns burst out laughing, “Every Twinn that arrives here is special, although a good arrival story always makes for good laughs afterwards. Welcome home Heather, or should I say Malibu Audrey?” Caitlyn said, hugging her fellow Audrey.
“Um, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but if we don’t get that box out of the way I am afraid its going to get impounded or squished!!” Sarah reminded everybody.

“Oops, we can’t let that happen. Come on girls, we have a box to move, and we better make a new space for Heather to sit too. And we want to hear all about her previous owner too.”
“Oh I love a good story.” Sarah said, “I get first dibs on sitting next to Heather.”
Dawn interjected, “Well, as far as I am concerned no new arrival is 100% welcomed until we have had biscuits and tea.”
“And, as everybody knows, Caities love biscuits and tea!” Everybody said, bursting out laughing, having caught Dawn at her own game.

And so the Twinns went downstairs to collect Heather’s box, with Sarah supervising the moving.

I had to make a slight adjustment to the Twinns table to fit our newest arrival on.
Amanda was quick to point out “There is lots of space now for even more Twinns, I think we need another Kelsey.”
“More Caities would really make things interesting.” Dawn said with a gleam in her eye.
“What about more Asian Twinns, you know how exotic we are.” Jennifer reminded everybody, batting an eyelash.
Brenda and Sarah just laughed, they were used to having lots of brothers and sisters.
Caitlyn reminded everybody; “Let us not push our luck too much, there are now 7 of us, we can star in our own production of “Snow White and the Seven Twinns.”

The Twinns spend the rest of that day with their new sister, Caitlyn being particularly chuffed because (as she put it); “You can never have enough Audreys”
It was great to have a new Twinn with us, and she could tell us all sorts of new stories, but those are another story all on their own.

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