The Air Force Memorial at Bays Hill

This beautiful memorial, completed in 1963, is well worth the trip to Pretoria for. Situated on Bays Hill, close to the Air Force Museum, it’s surrounded by well tended gardens and a magnificent view.  Members of the South African Air Force who lost their lives in war and peace  are remembered here, and on the Memorial Wall of the Garden of Remembrance. More on the history of the the Memorial may be found at the SAAFA Website
Wall of Remembrance
The memorial is open from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Sunday except Good Friday and Christmas Day. Entrance is free. There is a small chapel for services, as well as a Korean War Plaque and an RAF Memorial within its grounds.
Korean War Plaque
RAF Memorial
The Garden of Remembrance has been created as a repository for the ashes of those who served in the air force or were connected to it.
Garden of Remembrance

The Google Earth co-ordinates for the memorial are roughly:  25°47’57.73″S  28°10’9.81″E.

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