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Class 19D-2650 “Cheugnette”

lass 19D – 2650 “Cheugnette” is one of a batch built by the Friedland Krupp Works in Germany in 1938. She has a Vanderbilt Torpedo tender and 235 of these locomotives were built. She is operated by Friends of the Rail and is one of their workhorses for day trips. I took this trip with them to Cullinan to commemorate the 150th years of Railways in South Africa

Long may she grace the steel road.

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SAAF Museum, Swartkops AFB

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South African Roll of Honour: Union Buildings, Pretoria.

These photographs were taken in September 2009 and in 2012 at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Sadly, like so many things in South Africa it had been vandalised. In 2009 I noted that plaques had been prised off the wall in the one cupola, in 2012 it had still not been rectified. I believe even more plaques had been stolen since then.

The ROH covers casualties from both World Wars as well as South African Air Force casualties from The Korean War. Images of individual plaques are available on request.

Also present on the site is the Delville Wood Memorial, with the Police Memorial close by. The Union Buildings may be found at the Google Earth co-ordinates   -25.740731°,  28.211792°

World War 1 vandalised plaques

World War 1 vandalised plaques


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South African Scottish World War 1 Memorial: Burgers Park, Pretoria

This memorial in Burgers Park Pretoria, commemorates the officers and men of the South African Scottish that lost their lives in World War 1.

The memorial, showing a Highlander in full battle dress, is based on the memorial in Killin in Scotland by Alexander Carrick, a famous Scottish sculptor and WWI veteran. In 1923, the South African Scottish Regimental Association commissioned him to create a similar statue in a larger scale, changing only the cap badge and certain items of equipment including the bayonet which were specific to the South African soldiers. Google Earth co-ordinates are:  25°45’14.77″S, 28°11’30.52″E

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South African Heavy Artillery Memorial: Pretoria

125th (Transvaal) Siege Battery:  Pretoria

These photographs of the South African Heavy Artillery Memorial in Pretoria  (Specifically the 125th (Transvaal) Siege Battery), were taken on 03 June 2012. Special thanks to Carl Hoehler for the  information on where this memorial can be found, as well as additional information on the 6 guns that made up the memorials to the South African Heavy Artillery.

Unlike the two memorials that I already have I have photographs of  (PE and JHB), there is no ROH attached to this memorial.  It is fenced and in a reasonably good condition too, although there are a number of vagrants using the park as a resting place.

This 6-inch 26-cwt howitzer is one of 6 brought back from France and Flanders to be part of the memorials to the South African Heavy Artillery that were established in major centres in South Africa. The inscription reads as follows:
To the Glorious Memory of all ranks of the South African Heavy Artillery, who gave their lives during the Great War 1914-1918. Their lives they gave for their country; for themselves they won honour that shall not fade. Theirs is the most splendid monument, not where they lie buried but in the hearts of all who recalling what they did keep their glory unforgotten.

Dedication Plaque

Dedication Plaque

This Pretoria Memorial to the SAHA may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates    25°44’37.50″S, 28°12’31.18″E.

The 6 Memorials to the Heavy Artillery May be found in: (Open in new page)

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Downed Rhodesian Viscount Memorial; Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

This Memorial, unveiled on 2 September 2012, is situated  at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The original images of this memorial were kindly provided by Ryno Human and were used with his permission. I have since replaced these images with those taken by Igmar Grewar

The shooting down of these two Rhodesian civilian aircraft on the 12th of February 1979, and the 3rd of September 1978 has always been contentious, especially in the light of the callous and coldblooded slaughter of 10 survivors on the ground. The incidents did bring about reprisals from both sides, but no real satisfactory explanation was ever forthcoming from those responsible.

Sadly the truth will never come out, and any attempt to reach some sort of answer has always resulted in official bluster and denial. However, this memorial serves as a reminder that the horror and barbarity of warfare can affect those who are not in the military too.

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The Police Memorial at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

The South African Police Memorial at the Union Buildings is easily overlooked, but its lines of names and plaques proves that being a policeman in South Africa is a very dangerous job.

At the time of writing 5689 policemen and women have lost their lives in the course of their duty. The full list of names is available at the South African Police Officers Memorial website

The cornerstone of the memorial was laid on 20 May 1983 by the Commissioner of the South African Police, Genl. MCW Geldenhuys. The architect was Maree and Sons, and it was unveiled by the State President, Mr PW Botha, on 17 October 1984.

The memorial is accessible from the parking area in Government Ave, between the Union Building and the terraces below. it is located across from an amphitheater that hosts an annual memorial service to commemorates the sacrifice of the members of the police force.

It may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates 25°44’30.95″S,  28°12’49.62″E.

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The German War Memorial in Pretoria

This small memorial to the “Gefallen und Gestorben fuer Deutschland” I found in Rebecca Street Cemetery in Pretoria. Its the first German war memorial I have ever seen, and I had no idea it actually existed. The translation of the plaque is a rough one, but I hope it conveys the context of the memorial. Both World War 1 and World War 2 are commemorated on the plaques.

Diese Grotte birgt geweihte
Erde von Heldenfriedhofen
und Grabern unserer
heldischen Toten
aus aller Welt
This Cairn holds sacred
Earth from War Cemeteries
and Graves of our
heroic Dead
from around the World

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Delville Wood Memorial in Pretoria

My late maternal grandfather was a Delville Wood survivor, having been wounded on the 18th of July 1916. He never really spoke much about his experience at the battle, and if he had I probably would not have been able to comprehend the horror and slaughter of this battle. As a result of his service I have an interest in the memorials, and there are 2 specific memorials that I have in mind. The first being at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, and the second at the sight of Delville Wood in France.

Delville Wood Memorial at the Union Buildings

Delville Wood Memorial at the Union Buildings

The original images I had were taken by Terry Cawood, but I have since visited the memorial and have replaced most of them. Unfortunately, photographing the memorial properly from the front has just never been possible due to sun and light conditions.

The memorial above has a central group of figures representing the theme of physical energy (represented by the war horse) and  two nationalities of South Africa, British and Boer, with one hand clasped over the horse’s back in friendship. This theme is present too at the Memorial at Delville Wood in France, and in a similar Memorial in Cape Town. The bronze by Alfred Turner represents Castor and Pollux, Greek and Roman mythological figures of the twins who had one mother and two different fathers, one mortal and one immortal, making Castor mortal and Pollux immortal.

Castor and Pollux bronze on the memorial arch.

Castor and Pollux bronze on the memorial arch.

The story of the battle is not an easy one to tell because so much was happening, however I do recommend reading Delville Wood: Gethsemane for the South African Brigade by I.S. Uys. I also recommend visiting the Delville Wood website, especially if you are researching a casualty.

Unfortunately, many of the bronze plaques and fittings have fallen to theft, but so far Castor and Pollux are safe on their memorial arch.

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The Air Force Memorial at Bays Hill

This beautiful memorial, completed in 1963, is well worth the trip to Pretoria for. Situated on Bays Hill, close to the Air Force Museum, it’s surrounded by well tended gardens and a magnificent view.  Members of the South African Air Force who lost their lives in war and peace  are remembered here, and on the Memorial Wall of the Garden of Remembrance. More on the history of the the Memorial may be found at the SAAFA Website
Wall of Remembrance
The memorial is open from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Sunday except Good Friday and Christmas Day. Entrance is free. There is a small chapel for services, as well as a Korean War Plaque and an RAF Memorial within its grounds.
Korean War Plaque
RAF Memorial
The Garden of Remembrance has been created as a repository for the ashes of those who served in the air force or were connected to it.
Garden of Remembrance

The Google Earth co-ordinates for the memorial are roughly:  25°47’57.73″S  28°10’9.81″E.

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