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The Paardekraal Monument in Krugersdorp

This monument is situated alongside Paardekraal Road in Krugersdorp (Mogale City). When I first visited in 2007 I found that access was not easy due to a lack of any sort of parking or driveway onto the ground. Also, the context of the monument was not evident, and the inscriptions on the monument appeared to be in Dutch and are not easily readable.

The monument in 2012.

One of the Dutch inscriptions on the monument

One of the Dutch inscriptions on the monument

Unfortunately the link pointing to the history of the monument and the events surrounding it has closed down, however the FAK has a page on the monument and an Afrikaans version of the history of the monument on Wikepedia is also available.

Unfortunately on the day when I photographed the monument it was one of those dark and gloomy West Rand type days so the photographs were not the best available. It was always my intention to return to here, but I just never managed until 2012.

I returned to the site in September 2012 to find it had been completely fenced with an electric fence and there was no way to get close to the monument at all. I found the access gate after walking almost all the way around the site, but there was just no real way to get in, so I shot the first pic on this blog over the fence. My intention had been to get close ups of the Dutch panels on the monument, but it seems as if that will never happen now.

The monument was designed by Sytze Wierda who was the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek State Architect, and was built by WY Vietch. It was unveiled by President Paul Kruger on 16 December 1891.

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Krugersdorp and Districts War Memorial. Krugersdorp

The Krugersdorp and District War Memorial seems almost forgotten in Monument Street, Krugersdorp (aka Mogale City). And at the time (2008) I was impressed that it had not been too desecrated and the field gun was in a reasonably good condition. It commemorates the men from Krugersdorp and districts who fell in WW1 and WW2.

The Memorial in 2008

The Memorial in 2008

However, returning in 2013 it was a different thing altogether. The field gun had been stripped bare of anything sellable and was plastered in graffiti, while parts of the memorial were daubed with graffiti.

photograph from 2013

photograph from 2013

Sadly the area around the memorial was looking decidely tatty too, with broken paving, litter and an generally unkempt look. Unlike many of the memorials on the East Rand, those on the West were looked after, and I hope that the situation does improve for this very impressive memorial.

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