War Memorials in Lewisham, London.

There are three Memorials listed in the London Borough of Lewisham on this page, the first two come to me courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore who pointed them out to me.  The first Memorial is inscribed as being to:

All The Lewisham People Who Lost their Lives 1914-1918, and 1939-1945

Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51.453594°,  -0.015996°

The second Memorial is a mural painted at the entrance to the Lewisham Shopping Centre, and is a small VC recipient plaque, as well as some information about the damage done to the area during World War II.

Google Earth co-ordinates for the Lewisham Shopping Centre are:    51.462087°,  -0.012862°

The final memorial is situated to the right of the main entrance of the Old Public Library in the corner. Unfortunately the name plaque is not really legible, but a dedication reads: Dedicated to the brave men who died in the hospital and laid down their lives for the British Empire  1914-1918, And to Dorothy Goodman and Helen Knibb who died at their post of duty nursing the sick and wounded. (Erected by the Medical and Nursing Staff Lewisham Military Hospital) The memorial was rededicated on 4 August 1998.

The mention if the hospital was interesting because my late Grandfather was wounded at the Battle of Delville Wood on the 18th of July. From the casualty clearing station he was shipped to England and ended up at the Lewisham Military Hospital. It was strange because I felt as if I had come a full circle seeing this slightly worn memorial.

More on this memorial may be found at The Lewisham War Memorials Wiki

Google Earth co-ordinates are:    51.454739° ,  -0.016221°

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Deptford Borough War Memorial in Deptford, London.

I was on my way to Lewisham on the 436 bus, and bailed out at the next stop. Unfortunately it also meant I never got to Lewisham. Its locality made me think it was a Lewisham memorial, but it turns out that it really belongs to Deptford.

The soldier and seaman are both resting on their reversed rifles, a mark of respect  has been a mark of respect or mourning for centuries, said to have originated with the ancient Greeks.

The inscription is not too legible on the image, but it reads:

Deptford’s Tribute to her Gallant Sons,
Who were faithful unto death,
 1914-1918, 1939-1945

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  51.470935°, -0.029896°

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Falklands War Memorial at Tower Hill

This Memorial to “Merchant Seafarers Who Gave Their Lives To Secure The Freedom Of The Falkland Islands” may be found within the grounds of the Trinity Gardens on Tower Hill, other Falklands War Memorials may be found in Southampton.

The  SS Atlantic Conveyor, and RFAs Sir Galahad, Fort Grange and Sir Tristram are mentioned specifically on the Memorial.

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Crimean War Memorial

At the time of moving this file to the blog, there are ever increasing tensions in the Crimea as politicians once again jockey for power and generals get set to flex their muscles.

The Crimean War Memorial is situated on Waterloo Place, at the junction of Lower Regent Street and Pall Mall in London, It was originally unveiled in 1859, and cast in bronze from cannons captured at the siege of Sebastopol. The sculptor was John Bell.

Like so many other wars, the Crimean War was about allegiance, expansionism and ambition, and it was widely reported on in Britain. It also highlighted the plight of the wounded and brought the work of Florence Nightingale to the fore.

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale

Whether this current incident will erupt into a full scale conflict remains to be seen, but I do hope that those involved will go read their history books and step away from the triggers.

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Special Operations Executive Memorial in Lambeth

This memorial to the members of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) may be found along the South Bank of the Thames, close to the Lambeth Bridge and Lambeth Palace. SOE was set up in 1940 by Winston Churchill and Hugh Dalton to encourage and facilitate espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines. A bust of  Violette Szabo by artist Karen Newman, is the centerpiece of the memorial. She was captured and executed in occupied France, and posthumously awarded the George Cross.

Violet Szabo
Violet Szabo

The Citation in the  London Gazette of 17th December, 1946 reads:-

“Madame Szabo volunteered to undertake a particularly dangerous mission in France. She was parachuted into France in April 1944, and undertook the task with enthusiasm. In her execution of the delicate researches entailed she showed great presence of mind and astuteness. She was twice arrested by the German security authorities, but each time managed to get away. Eventually, however, with other members of her group, she was surrounded by the Gestapo in a house in the south-west of France. Resistance appeared hopeless, but Madame Szabo, seizing a Sten gun and as much ammunition as she could carry, barricaded herself in part of the house, and, exchanging shot for shot with the enemy, killed or wounded several of them. By constant movement she avoided being cornered and fought until she dropped exhausted. She was arrested and had to undergo solitary confinement. She was then continuously and atrociously tortured, but never by word or deed gave away any of her aquaintances, or told the enemy anything of value. She was ultimately executed. Madame Szabo gave a magnificent example of courage and steadfastness.”

The unveiling, on 4 October 2009, was performed by the Duke of Wellington. Also featured on the memorial are plaques to the French Resistance, as well as “the Heroes of Telemark” .

Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51.495779°, -0.120833°

The names of the SOE members who lost their lives during the war are also mentioned on the Brookwod Memorial to the missing (1939-1945) Memorial.

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Seafarers Memorial

Technically this is the International Memorial to the World’s Seafarers, past, present and future. And when I first saw this I had to do a double take, because visually it is magnificent, it is almost as if a ship was coming out of the builidng.

Unveiled in September 2001, and sculpted in bronze by Michael Sandle, it is situated outside the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) building, 4 Albert Embankment, London.  The Google Earth Co-ordinates are   51.493458°,  -0.121207°

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Rifle Brigade Memorial in Hobart Place

This Memorial to the men from the Rifle Brigade is situated at the junction of Grosvenor Gardens and Hobart Place SW1, London.

Like many memorials it was probably originally intended for casualties of World War One, and was adapted to commemorate those of World War Two after that conflict. It was unveiled on 25 July 1925 by the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifle Brigade, Field Marshal Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and dedicated by the Chaplain-General to the Forces, Reverend Alfred Jarvis.  In 1970 the memorial was listed at Grade II; it was upgraded to Grade II* in 2016 

And, like so many others, it was a “spotted from the bus” memorial. I tried on numerous occasions to get decent images of the memorial but the traffic was very heavy at this intersection, and the weather would never co-operate with my endeavours.

The three bronze soldiers were created by the Scottish artist John Tweed,   

Google Earth co-ordinates are: 51.497988°,  -0.147082°

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Women of World War II Memorial

The Women of World War II Memorial is within sight of the Cenotaph in Parliament Street in London, and  is very close to the Cabinet War Rooms and The Ministry of Defence.  It was erected to commemorate the vital work done by over seven million women during World War II.

The Memorial was unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen on 9 July 2005.  Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51.503579°, -0.126177°

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St Saviours Southwark Memorial in Borough

One of those strange co-incidences that often leads to find like this. I took the wrong bus to get into London, and as we approached Tower Bridge I spotted it from the bus and bailed out at the next stop.

This memorial to the men of St Saviours Southwark, may be found on a wedged shaped traffic island, in Borough High Street, Southwark. It was erected in 1922.

Google Earth co-ordinates are: 51.504275°,  -0.090940°

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The National Submarine War Memorial.

This Memorial to Submariners of the Royal Navy who died in both World Wars, may be found on the Victoria Embankment of the Thames near Charing Cross, London.

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport similarly has a set of memorials, and it is a very nice museum to visit. 

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