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Jeppe High School for Boys War Memorial. Johannesburg

Jeppe High School for Boys in Kensington, boasts of a beautiful War Memorial which was paid for by Julius Jeppe and which was unveiled by Jan Smuts. It features a dome over a plinth with the names of  masters and pupils of the school that lost their lives in The Great War. The dome has a port which is supposed to let the sun shine on the ROH below on the 11th of November, although this does not work in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jeppe Boys High School War Memorial

Jeppe Boys High School War Memorial

One side of the dome is the school museum and the other side is to be used for “recruiting”. The names of boys who died while still at the school are on a separate memorial alongside the Dome.

World War 1 Roll of Honour

World War 1 Roll of Honour

Two World War 2 ROH Plaques are in the foyer of the school hall and it is hoped that a Border War Memorial will be built soon.

World War 2 Rolls of Honour

World War 2 Rolls of Honour

The main gates to the school are also dedicated to the memory of FWB Van Linsingen (Headmaster) and AS Dashwood, (Master), both of whom were killled in action at Bardia on 31/12/1941.

School Main Gates

School Main Gates

Main Gate Plaques

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  26°12’1.05″S, 28° 4’56.13″E

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Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill

The Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill. Kensington.

Most of the original photographs were taken in August 2007, on Caledonia Hill in Kensington.

**Update 11/02/2019** The memorial has been further damaged sometime before 9 February 2019, as well as wrapped in cloth. Unfortunately the damage is severe and it is not known whether it will be repaired or moved. (Article on Heritage Portal)

The memorial is in the shape of an Iona Cross erected to the Scottish Horse that served during the “South African War”. Unfortunately at the time the memorial was not in a very good condition and much of the original metalwork had been stolen and vandals had left their mark. I revisited the memorial on 24 September 2012 and all of the plaques and inscriptions were missing. I believe that they had been removed to prevent further vandalism. The Cross had been restored recently.

Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill

Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill

Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill. Johannesburg in the background

Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill. Johannesburg in the background

The monument commemorates the officers, non-commissioned officers and men killed in action and died of wounds, disease and accident, who were members of the Scottish Horse Regiment (a mounted infantry regiment financed and led by the Marquis of Tullibardine (later the 8th Earl of Atholl) during the War), during the South African Anglo-Boer War in 1901-1902. After the War, the Scottish Horse, in South Africa, was disbanded but parented the Transvaal Scottish Regiment.

(2012 image)

The view from the Hill in all directions is stunning and it’s well worth climbing the steps to get to the top, although it is advisable to not attempt this alone due to safety concerns.

Looking towards Johannesburg. (1500 x 503)

Roll of Honour Plaques.

Original ROH (2008)

The original plaques were cast in bronze and subsequently stolen. They were replaced around 1961 by granite plaques. These plaques were vandalised on numerous occasions and were last replaced in 2000 by the South African Heritage Resource Agency.  As well as the plaques the lightning discharge rod has also been vandalised. 

2007 image showing top of one of the name plaques (since removed)

2007 image showing top of one of the name plaques (since removed)

Google Earth co-ordinates for the memorial are:  26° 12.022’S 28° 5.089’E.

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Bezuidenhout Valley War Memorial

 Memorial as at 24/10/2019

The memorial as at 23/02/2019

**Update 11/02/2019**

An article on IOL dated 29 January 2019 shows the derelict memorial had been further desecrated with red paint 2 weeks before Remembrance Day. It was still paint damaged on 14/01/2019

**Update 17/06/2018**

In June 2018 I was shown an article that showed the state of the memorial after it had been extensively vandalised beyond repair. There is an article on the Heritage Portal  about it and frankly it is disgraceful. Unfortunately it seems as if the odds of it being repaired are small. Realistically it should have been moved years ago, but its now too late. Consequently this memorial is now extinct.

**Update 27/07/2018**

Stakeholders met to decided the future of what was left of the memorial and it has been proposed to move it to nearby Bezuidenhout Park, within the palisade fenced garden close to the principal farmhouse. But, the usual heritage impact studies have to be done although there is nothing left to study and budgets allocated and rubber stamps will need to be wielded.  The needs of red tape must be satisfied. Personally I am a bit sceptical about the park considering that it too has had its share of vandalism. I will however only believe it when I see it. Article on Heritage Portal of 26 July 2018

Original post.

I originally visited the Bezuidenhout Valley World War One Memorial which is situated on the corner of Kitchener Road and 9th Ave in Bez Valley/Kensington during August 2007. At the time the memorial was in a very poor condition and the fountain was not working.

Memorial in 2009

I subsequently revisited the memorial in April 2009 and the fountain was actually in operation. although the area around it was still dirty and run down. Fortunately the name plaques were still intact and legible.

In 2012 things were not looking too great once again as this image taken from Darragh Centre testifies.

The destroyed memorial used to be found at Google Earth co-ordinates  -26.191156°  28.087656° .

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