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Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn VC

Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn (27/11/1870 – 04/07/1913) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions the at Elandslaagte during the Anglo Boer War.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 27212, Page: 4509, reads: 

“The Gordon Highlanders, Captain Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn:

At the Battle of Elandslaagte on the 21st October, 1899, after the main Boer position had been captured, some men of the Gordon Highlanders, when about to assault a kopje in advance, were exposed to a heavy cross-fire and, having lost their leaders, commenced to waver. Seeing this, Captain Meiklejohn rushed to the front and called on the Gordons to follow him. By his conspicuous bravery and fearless example, he rallied the men and led them  against the enemy’s position, where he fell, desperately wounded in four places.”

Matthew FM Meiklejohn VC

He died in hospital following an incident in Hyde Park, and is buried in Brookwood Cemetery.

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Charles Herbert Mullins VC, CMG.

Charles Herbert Mullins (28/06/1869 – 24/05/1916) along with Captain Robert Johnston was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Battle of Elandslaagte on 21st October, 1899. 

The Citation, recorded by the London Gazette of Issue: 27283, Page: 1059, reads:

“Imperial Light Horse, Captains C. H. Mullins and R. Johnstone.

On the 21st October, 1899, at Elandslaagte, at a most critical moment, the advance being omentarily checked by a very severe fire at point blank range, these two Officers very gallantly rushed forward under this heavy fire and rallied the men, thus enabling the flanking movement, which decided the day, to be carried out. On this occasion Captain Mullins was wounded.”

Charles Herbert Mullins VC died on Empire Day 1916 (24 May 1916), and is buried in Grahamstown Old Cemetery. 

The grave of Major CH Mullins VC.

The grave of Major CH Mullins VC.



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